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  1. nuthatch

    Earthy Leo boy

    At a party recently I was doing natal charts for a couple of friends, one of whom I'm somewhat interested in romantically--I can't quite decide yet. We're both Leos, and I'm not generally attracted to other Leos, but there was something very thoughtful and intense and "watery" about him that I...
  2. nuthatch

    Why I don't look like a Taurus Rising.

    Here's a link that may be helpful re. Chiron on the Ascendant:
  3. nuthatch

    Why I don't look like a Taurus Rising.

    Well, I've heard that the Sun can also be a significant influence on the appearance. Sometimes I see the Sun in a person I just meet, and other times I see the Ascendant. For me, I know that Capricorn has a big effect on my appearance--however, the two famous-ish people I've been told more than...
  4. nuthatch

    Is it wrong to ditch Tropical for Sidreal astrology?

    For my part, I'm pretty sure I'm not a Cancer at all. I might not fit what some Internet blurbs say about a Leo, but from what I've observed about Leos combined with what I've read, it's pretty accurate. I have the world-building, God-playing impulse; the grandiose fantasies; the dramatic and...
  5. nuthatch

    What does an Virgo Sun Aries Moon generally act like

    I'm interested in this combo too since I am writing a fictional character with the same placements! Any advice anyone could give about this would be helpful to me as well, though I imagine her having a lot of passion and physical energy she isn't always quite sure how to express. Her first...
  6. nuthatch

    worst sign combinations in romance!

    Interesting! Yeah, I've always had a special attraction to Aquarius men--they didn't always (or ever) really work as romantic partners, but my attraction to them always invigorates me. I did a list of the most inspiring crushes I've ever had, and there were 5 Aquarians as opposed to one Scorpio...
  7. nuthatch

    Ways to heal Chiron wounds

    I like this view of it. It reminds me of Pema Chödrön's definition of the Buddhist concept of bodhichitta, which she compares to the rawness of a broken heart that allows us to feel compassion for others in our situation and even others not in our situation. If we cease to feel that pain, that...
  8. nuthatch

    The Enneagram and Astrology

    This fascinates me. I was into the Enneagram well before I was into astrology, and while I don't think it's a perfect system by any means (doesn't allow that very different things can motivate the same person equally--everyone has pretty much one currency, as Dr. Phil would say), it does provide...
  9. nuthatch

    8th house = testing oneself?

    Has anyone read The Eighth House by Marc Robertson? I searched but didn't find any mentions of it on the board. I'm curious about it. There's also Gate of Rebirth: Astrology, Regeneration and 8th House Mysteries. (Also seems like an 8th house thing to be so fascinated by one's own 8th house...
  10. nuthatch

    Daughter has moon in taurus in the 8th :eek:

    Nothing wrong with the 8th house :) I have Sun and Mercury in the 8th, and I have a (seems to me) unusual number of friends with 8th house Moons. The 8th house doesn't really have anything to do with the death of the individual. From what I've seen, it can influence a person to be especially in...
  11. nuthatch

    Rising Signs and Physical Characteristics

    I'm Cap rising. Picture above. I have a longish face with pointed chin (both my Leo Rising parents have square faces--no idea where I got this); olive complexion; thick, black eyebrows; fairly narrow, dark (almost black) eyes; dark brown hair. I know coloring is obviously dependent on ethnicity...
  12. nuthatch

    Louis Jourdan Ascendant guess!

    Face shape generally suggests a fixed sign, though. Which would point to Scorpio. I think Scorpio is my final guess then.
  13. nuthatch

    Louis Jourdan Ascendant guess!

    Libra's a good guess, I the first pic especially he reminds me a bit of Omar Sharif, who's also got Libra rising.
  14. nuthatch

    Your Rising Sign and Your Mother's Moon

    Well, my mother's moon is Taurus and my rising is Capricorn...they're both Earth signs. But I don't think there is much truth to this. Interesting idea, though. My North Node is Taurus...
  15. nuthatch

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    I got it all from Astrotheme, which is pretty reliable. Also, I wasn't trying to say that Cap rising is the best-looking...just that they aren't as unattractive as people often say.
  16. nuthatch

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    This is true!
  17. nuthatch

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    Just a few more: Candice Bergen: Naomi Campbell: Charlotte Casiraghi: Sylvie Vartan: Joe Jonas: Rebecca Romijn Sean Young: Sorry for the super-long's just that I've NEVER seen Capricorn Rising get any love ever! It's always Libra, Sag, Scorpio, maybe Leo...people usually...
  18. nuthatch

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    I know! I actually have come to feel like my Cap ascendant is one of the most attractive things about me, after having felt for so long like it was a liability physically and temperamentally. It's sort of my trademark; some people love it and some aren't drawn to it, but whatever! I think it...
  19. nuthatch


    I think you're quite right about that.
  20. nuthatch

    Create a bumbersticker for your moon sign

    Aries Moon in 3rd: "Horn And Finger Both Broken, Watch For Scrolling Marquee Full Of Creative Insults" "If You Can Read This, Stop Reading Bumper Stickers And $*#@ing Drive" "What Kind of 21st Century Doesn't Have Flying Cars?" "Drive It Like You Cleverly Conned Someone Into Giving It To...