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    Why am I attracted to substance abusers and borderline personality disorder?

    You are Sun/Cancer/12th (Asc ruler), and the type of partners you attract are described by Saturn/Capricorn/6th (or 12th from 7th by derived houses). Both planets are tightly opposed. Your relationships are therefore problematic. This causes you to be restricted or confined (12th house).
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    USA charts - the ultimate debate

    Point taken, but if it works astrologically, I'm happy with it.
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    Hillary Clinton and 2012 election According to her Solar Return

    Obama will probably win again and his next term will be much rougher (for him and the country as a whole). Look at the 2013 inauguration chart - angular malefics in mutual reception.
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    USA charts - the ultimate debate

    The two most recent President's to be assassinated were JFK (1963) and McKinley (1901). Both solar returns (not shown) show Pisces rising, with the Sun in the 5th (5th is 8th from the 10th - death of the king) and Mars/Virgo tightly opposes the Asc in both solar returns. Virgo is the 10th (The...
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    USA charts - the ultimate debate

    I remember reading somewhere that the declaration was signed in late afternoon. I would estimate this to be 4 to 8pm. Dr H from RegulusAstrology has rectified the time to 6.17pm with 26 Sag rising. He has provided extensive back up for this time and my analysis of the Summer 2001 solar return...
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    Astrology of fertility and children

    It's in the main post. I'll copy and paste it here: 4. Other Lots pertaining to children Lot of Sons: Number of degrees from Moon to Jupiter added to Asc. Lot of Daughters: Number of degrees from Moon to Venus added to Asc. Lot of time of children: Number of degrees from Mars to Jupiter added...
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    Lindsay Lohans ascendant

    Venus/Leo is fame from acting, Venus is probably the first triplicity ruler (up to age 28), which would make the figure diurnal. This narrows the range of Asc signs from Cancer to Capricorn. Of the choices, I suggest that Leo is the most likely the Asc (I use whole sign houses by the way)...
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    Astrology of fertility and children

    On a positive note, Pisces, your 12th is a fertile sign Good point. Thats worth mentioning at the end of the main post. I'm not sure whether transits to the Lot of Children would be relevant, except in the case of the solar return. However, transits to the Lot of Time of Children may be better...
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    Will I have his child?

    I believe that horary should take a backseat to analysis of the potential of the natal chart for matters of pregnancy. Firstly analyse your natal chart to see what the potential for children is and then check your solar return and some other predictive methods such as profections. Then you could...
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    Astrology of fertility and children

    Saturn aspects Mercury by whole sign trine. The ruler exalted is good and the 9th house is OK. Conjunction to Mars is not so good.
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    If both have Saturn/Libra (sticking with the example), then it doesnt work for the purpose of determining paternity. A better example would be Sun at 10 Capricorn in the bounds of Venus/Capricorn. If one of the men has natal Venus/Capricorn, hes probably the father.
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    I have Jupiter in my 1st house but how come I have problems "gaining" weight?

    Re: I have Jupiter in my 1st house but how come I have problems "gaining" weight? By Whole Sign Houses, Jupiter is in the 2nd house, not the first. As for difficulty gaining weight, Mars in the first as others have said. Sun and Moon in fire signs also give a rapid metabolism.
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    Astrology of fertility and children

    Where is Saturn?
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    The best thing to do to astrologically check paternity would be to compare the child's natal chart with both men who could be the father (synastry) and see which one has the strongest links. Calculate the lot of the father (The number of degrees from Sun to Saturn added to the Asc) in the...
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    Astrology of fertility and children

    I thought i'd post a thread on this, as queries on this arise time and time again. WHOLE SIGN HOUSES and TRADITIONAL RULERS are used. The most important considerations for fertility and children are: 1. The Lot of Children. If the Sun is above the horizon (above the Asc/Desc axis), then...
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    Turning a chart

    You don't need software to turn a chart (technically called "derived houses"). Say the 10th house is Aries. If you want to take the 10th as the first (e.g this may describe your mother as the 10th is the house of the mother), then Aries is H1, Taurus is H2, Gemini is H3, Cancer is H4 and so on...
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    Sarah Palin - Aries rising?

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    Indications of Fame in a Natal Chart

    First off, I think this is probably your own natal chart rather than that of a "client". Leaving that aside, the answer is probably yes, some measure of fame may be attained and it has nothing to do with Neptune. It's based on traditional (Hellenistic) astrology to do with the important lots...
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    Where is J.K., missing girl?

    My guess based on the chart would be kidnapped by an older man (say 50+), raped, killed and buried, perhaps near where she was last seen. The reasoning for this: She is Asc, ruled by Venus (Venus also rules 8th of death by whole sign houses) conjunct Mars, 7th ruler (the killer). Saturn exalted...
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    What does my chart say about fame?

    Have a look at the articles about eminence on this website: . Keep in mind that whole sign houses are used.