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  1. Harmelia

    Anxiety, OCD and stress disorders

    But not all people with Saturn in the first house have anxiety. I have Virgo rising, and Saturn conjunct South Node in Virgo, 1st house. Now, many people will say that this is a recipe for anxiety. But I've never had an issue with anxiety, and I'm 72. So, I'm not just responding to you, but to...
  2. Harmelia

    Masculinity and the Far Right

    If you examine enough charts of any group, you will not find a constant like an aspect between Mars and Mercury. Here's Sean Hannity's chart:,_Sean Adolf Hitler is authoritarian -,_Adolf You can find...
  3. Harmelia

    Narcissist and malignant personality disorders

    We have to keep in mind that even though we can see signatures for certain personality types, not everyone with those signatures will be like that. It doesn't matter what we're looking at - narcissists, ADHD, autism, or any health issue - it doesn't matter. Like YOURRELBEAUTIUL said - astrology...
  4. Harmelia

    is my endometriosis caused by fifth house saturn

    I've not been on this forum for a while, but I'm doing a study on endometriosis. I have 24 charts now, and I'm looking for more. Of the 24, there is only one person who has Pluto conjunct Moon. So, that cannot be a main factor - at least, you'd think more of these people would have that...
  5. Harmelia

    Saturn you feel like things got better after yours?

    Yes, I've had two Saturn Returns, and both inspired some pretty big changes, but the changes were for the better, even if it was uncomfortable going through. Your Saturn Return is interesting, because it's going through your 8th house - a house that deals with emotions - and transforming...
  6. Harmelia

    Sun in 8th house

    Yes, I don't believe that interpretation fits everyone. I have Aries Sun in the 8th house and I shine. I shine in my own way, but I shine. We all shine differently. Any general interpretation will not fit everyone, or even most people.
  7. Harmelia

    SR Ascendant conjunct Natal Midheaven. Significant?

    Okay. Interesting. With this solar return, I think this year is more about expanding what you do, and perhaps also expanding the avenues or marketing. You could be quite inspired to learn some new techniques - or the areas you do art in. I do think that you will find new avenues in which to...
  8. Harmelia

    SR Ascendant conjunct Natal Midheaven. Significant?

    What is your line of work, and what type of job are you hoping to get? It helps to know for interpretation.
  9. Harmelia

    Can anyone tell me about my north node in Aries 8th house

    I can't make this chart bigger to read.
  10. Harmelia

    Why do I have so many hard aspects in my chart?

    It isn't all that rare to have a lot of squares. You do have some trines, a couple of sextiles and a quincunx. Squares are good! They motivate us to change - to grow and become. You have those squares so that you will reach your goals and become the person you want to be. It's a good thing.
  11. Harmelia

    Progressed venus conjunct natal descendant

    I agree with IleneK. But I don't think it necessarily will trigger romance. Really need to see your chart to say anything intelligent.
  12. Harmelia

    Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

    I think the entire natal chart represents where we left off in the past life - so you could say, that karma is built into it. The South Node is more specific to familiar territory - we embody the sign's qualities, the good ones but also at least one bad quality, because it represents a wound...
  13. Harmelia

    How to Professionally Read a Natal Chart

    New Course 1 (How to Professionally Read a Natal Chart) is beginning Mid-to-late March 2023. This is a 30-week in-depth course over Skype, with an emphasis on Evolutionary Astrology - psychological and spiritual astrology. I keep classes small - 4-8 people - so lots of individual attention. We...
  14. Harmelia

    Can you help analyze my 10th house/ career? Confused

    I have to wonder if your attraction to the military is really about you desiring to have more structure. Yes, I get it that you want to serve, and that is noble. I mean, you could pursue working in the health field in other ways, and still be serving others, but the military gives you structure...
  15. Harmelia

    Any chance I will get a job ?

    Transits aren't reliable as an indicator of when you might get a job. More often than not, it depends upon your personality, how you conduct yourself in your work, your relationships at work, your determination to do a good job, etc. It's a employee's market right now. Employers are hurting...
  16. Harmelia

    Read my Chart

    I don't know. It depends upon what makes you that way. Virgo Moon can have exceptionally high standards and feel like others aren't good enough for them. Virgo Moon can be critical of others. If that's what you mean, then I would blame Virgo Moon. Also, you have Mercury in Aries and Aries can be...
  17. Harmelia

    forensic psychology

    If you are passionate about forensic psychology - got a degree in it - and now have an exciting first job - why would you question it? Many people are able to enjoy a number of careers, and they do one, and then they do another one later. Your Saturn in Pisces is probably what gives you the...
  18. Harmelia

    Read my Chart

    Hi Emily! I'm reading your most recent chart with the hospital time. Like Zora, I don't read the asteroids. I think of them as ornaments. They don't add anything new to what the planets say - but they elaborate a bit - like adjectives. I certainly do not give an asteroid the same weight as a...
  19. Harmelia

    Chart reading with perspectives

    I had to bring up your transits and progressions on my personal computer - because we don't predict anything by looking at the natal - at least - not much. Astrology is actually not good a prediction even though people want it to be. In 2015, your progressed Sun crossed your ASC. The timing may...
  20. Harmelia

    Chart reading with perspectives

    Your South Node Past Life Symbol is Gemini in the 12th - it doesn't show in your chart but it is always opposite the North Node - which you show as being in Sag, 6th house. The Nodes only go retrograde, so they are about to change signs and houses when you were born. Gemini 12th suggests that...