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  1. MarinaFFF

    I want to do something but will what I do be harmful to me?

    First of all, everything you put on internet can be used against you. And secondly technology is far more advanced than we realize. The things and people who can harm us, is 12th house matters. Venus rules the House of the hidden enemies and “open” enemies as well. And Venus is right there in...
  2. MarinaFFF

    interview today, will I get the job?

    Although your qualifications are far more much better than your competitors (Moon in own sign)! They prefer the other one, Venus is ruled by Saturn (your competitor). Maybe because the competitor shows more motivation than you (Venus in exaltation) or “awes“ the company more. Or they find you a...
  3. MarinaFFF

    Is she pregnant?

    And is she pregnant or not?
  4. MarinaFFF

    Will I ran into my ex in next 5 months?

    Hi Paris, welcome to this forum! Moon does makes a aspect with Saturn, but unfortunately it’s a separating aspect. This connection with your ex was in the past. For this type of question we are looking for a applying aspect. And there are no applying aspects made in this chart between you and...
  5. MarinaFFF

    Should I quit university

    I think the chart shows that you will quit University. Your Moon is applying to Saturn Lord 9 University, that’s a yes. Saturn is also in the 10th house of jobs.
  6. MarinaFFF

    Are we going to separate?

    Yes, within 6 months. Your Moon is applying to his Sun. Or you can say Moon (work) translate the light from his Sun to Venus. Keep us informed.
  7. MarinaFFF

    Will he contact me again?

    Yes, your Moon is applying to your past lovers Sun. Keep us informed, for learning experience.
  8. MarinaFFF

    Does my father in law have cancer? Very important to me...

    Okay, that information is very useful, meaning I was on the right track with given your FIL the 4th house in the sign Cancer ruled by the Moon. According to Richard’s Saunders is Luna (Moon) the natural planet of bowels, and Cancer and 4th house the ruler of Spleen. Saturn is the natural planet...
  9. MarinaFFF

    Horary: Tumor mass surgery remove soon, recovery?

    No it’s good news. Venus inter intercepted doesn’t have a big meaning in Horary. In this case it’s 9th house, knowledge, hospitals. Venus that exalt Mars (the treatment). Of course you have to do what the doctors tell you to do, I’m definitely not a doctor! I’m just trying to “translate” the...
  10. MarinaFFF

    Horary: Tumor mass surgery remove soon, recovery?

    Normally Sun in AQ isn’t good because it’s in detriment. In this case it’s good! You terminate dead in your first house. Dead is not welcome in your first house ruled by Saturn. You ask specific about recovery, not about the operation itself or complications. So I will stick with the question...
  11. MarinaFFF

    Does my father in law have cancer? Very important to me...

    If I consider your father in law 4th house (because you love him as your own father) and he is in detriment (sick) in Capricorn . Whatever that sickness is, what harms your father is hidden (sickness unknown) in the 12th house. Than the sickness get him in his hold when he enters the sign Saturn...
  12. MarinaFFF

    Will my sister speak with anyone else beside her father and her Italian family?

    Chrysalis is right, you don’t need to be in the chart and therefore your sister can take the first house if it makes sense. Sister is Saturn retrograde in a mute sign, withdraw in her first house. Her Moon is in 12th hidden house, at the point to go “public” in a half-loud voice Aries. The...
  13. MarinaFFF

    Would she?

    congratulations!🍾🎈 It’s common with Horary questions in conversations with people we known very well that things get mixed up. Who came with the question and who‘s idea was it to cast a chart. Especially who‘s idea it is to cast a chart. Using your first chart: mom as 4th house. Normally it’s...
  14. MarinaFFF

    will she move out in a month?

    Yes she will be able to do so. Moon conjunct Mercury (another city, another school) in 3 weeks or 3 months. But it will cost her friendships (Sun = friends in detriment) . And she might regret it in the future with Mercury (city/school) in detriment and fall in Pisces.
  15. MarinaFFF

    Is there free will

    The first thing I noticed is the Sun in the 9th house. The house of Divine, the gateway to the Universe. With Saturn as ruler the one and only authority who doesn’t like us (Mercury: we and Mother Earth in detriment and fall) The Sun the will, in this case the communication (Lord 3) in a...
  16. MarinaFFF

    Using horary as magical result divination?

    I don’t do spell charts. unless to see if a spell has or will harm someone. Not for using a spell for a relation issue, as here the focus seems to be. I want to keep myself far away from practicing methods that‘s been focusing on intentionally harming others. In this chart I see the spell in...
  17. MarinaFFF

    Using horary as magical result divination?

    A spell, witchcraft is 12th house matters. It’s the house that harms us by gossip, hidden enemies, imprisonment and self undoings
  18. MarinaFFF

    Why did nothing come of this?

    Election and events are future horoscopes. What is the best time for this and that… This chart can be used as “Does it show why nothing developed? “
  19. MarinaFFF

    Why did nothing come of this?

    I think he was or there was another “candidate”, because you (the Moon) gave him some problems to conjunct with Mercury and than you ”helped” them to connect again. Apparently the concurrent (you) made him (the Sun) sexy and attractive again in her eyes. For moon bringing the light from Mercury...
  20. MarinaFFF

    any regrets about behaving badly?

    Well he still thinks a lot about you (Mars in exaltation). And with your Moon in detriment he hates you as well. You can see that as regret; he hates losing you. Also Venus is chasing after Mars But can‘t reach Mars, because Mars dive into another sign just before colliding. In traditional...