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  1. ScorpioMinistry

    My Purposal Of New Calendar

    I want to bring this back to the front. I decided to shorten the system a little and get rid of the moon symbol as I have gotten better at realizing where the moon is in relation to the sun by the signs. I started using D for Scorpio instead of Z. Today would be T-Y YrYSLD APrUr Is there a way...
  2. ScorpioMinistry

    Aries Initiation

    Aries The Ram Initiation This is a discourse on the idea surrounding Aries energy. The symbol of the Aries energy is the Ram, who always pushes and pioneers forward. Here is how the Aries energy works in life. Aries is cardinal fire, which is a projection of inertia. Now the day unfolds...
  3. ScorpioMinistry

    As I Marvel at Astrology Weaving Deeply Through Us.

    I have great resonance to what you posted so much that I had to sign on. I'll start with the idea of Sigmund Frued's free association to approach your idea of the constitute. People freely project to the world their software they use. And so I looked at your piece around the new word that you...
  4. ScorpioMinistry

    New Pisces Moon

    Neptune is in Pisces for the first time in our lifetime. Last time Neptune was in Pisces the civil war of America was just starting. Now the Sun and the Moon and Neptune are conjunct today. New Moons I almost feel the lack of white. I'm excited to use the seeds of this moon, to harvest the...
  5. ScorpioMinistry

    How Do I Attract People?

    I thought your hit and miss comment was pretty funny
  6. ScorpioMinistry

    Does Ron Paul have a Rama Natal chart?

    huge Ron Paul fan. One of the things I was studying today is the correlations of the Saturn cycle of the Russian Revolution and now. Pluto and Uranus square starting next year and I think he's the personality driving it in. Ron Paul has a Sun conjunct Pallas, which was found in the natal charts...
  7. ScorpioMinistry

    My Aquarius Moon Project

    Hi, I think you'll all enjoy my project explaining the archetypes of the planets. It was something fun I wanted to do on my day off, and people have told me it's good. Enjoy. Archetype Andrew
  8. ScorpioMinistry

    Near-Death Experiences & their Charts?

    I'm a huge fan of near death experiences and it resonated with me seeing your post. The story in the stars is constantly in motion, each 'event' in your life rides the memory of the transiting planets at the time. You still have the same stars as you did when you were born, but that's not to...
  9. ScorpioMinistry

    Hi everyone :)

    your writing gives a Capricorn vibe
  10. ScorpioMinistry

    Neptune Yod aspects to everything

    I have as yod to Mars in the 12th House and one to my Neptune in Capricorn conjunction to Uranus and Sagittarius Moon. My emotions always drive me to be very innovative and I do things like post a video for everyday of my life. Tell me what stands out about my chart to you...I made a video about...
  11. ScorpioMinistry

    'November Boy' Heart

    I have Chiron going retrograde on MC and I just bought a camcorder. I name each day of my life and have started recording videos. This one I tried to expose Scorpio energies.
  12. ScorpioMinistry

    Why am i having such a stressfull time at the moment....

    I've noticed a correlation in my mood with the time Neptune went direct back in November and just entered into a retrograde transit. The retrograde Neptune felt like fresh air for me and Jupiter just entered into Taurus yesterday and I got up this morning and bought a camcorder. It is probably...
  13. ScorpioMinistry

    Please help? I seriously do not have a clue with regards to my chart (or much else).

    Virgo can never stop talking and micro analyzes everything and everybody. A Virgo wants to study astrology and finds there is a Saturn opposition, oh no what could this mean? Saturn represents at times the disciplinary in ones life, who you respected most and what it was you respected most. A...
  14. ScorpioMinistry

    First-time natal chart reading, feedback requested

    I see a code to unlock. Hmmm. Does a Gemini Sun in the 12th house talk to God, and have a very active prayer life or inner head dialogue? Sharing a trine with Libra the fixed air sign, is maybe a life long prayer for justice. The Ascendant and Mercury in cancer could make you a person with...
  15. ScorpioMinistry

    neptune in capricorn

    Born in 1990 I was in the class of everyone with Neptune / Uranus / Saturn in Capricorn. It doesn't show up as much because it doesn't stand out from your peers. I'm still learning but I believe these outer planets all together and the generation that have them, are very disciplined in a way...
  16. ScorpioMinistry

    Pluto on Ascendant

    Justin Beiber has Pluto on the Ascendant Scorpio
  17. ScorpioMinistry

    Moon conjunct Neptune, anyone else have this?

    I have Uranus at 5 Capricorn making a very active stellium with Neptune at 12 Cap and Moon at 29 Sag in the 7th H. "music is the antedote" I can very much relate to this. When I was younger I would hear songs in my head and I would have to write them down. As I got older I started to realize...
  18. ScorpioMinistry

    Take a look, really awkward chart?

    the chart is never lacking. The zodiac goes on in the 12 directions of forever, every star out there has planets orbiting that, and larger than that are galaxies. I don't discount the man made sattillites don't influence us. All the hosts of heavens are in the sky, you just have to learn the...
  19. ScorpioMinistry

    15 Mysteries Coded In My Stars

    my name is andrew, i wanted to give a proper introduction. 15 Mysteries Coded in My Stars 1. I was born into this world October, 23 1990 2. The Sun was in 0 degrees Scorpio, Mercury was 1 degree Scorpio, and Venus was 28 degrees in Libra all in close conjunction 3. The moon was...
  20. ScorpioMinistry

    A Scorpio with lots of questions

    I'm a Scorpio who always has questions. Recently my interest has been studying astro-theology weather patterns in relation to the "12 winds" of the zodiac. I think the Age of Aquarius is soon upon us. Look up "Timewave Zero" by Terrence McKenna.