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    will this relationship work out?

    sorry had to delete my thread the chart wouldn't upload correctly and i tried copy & pasting and it just didn't work out. nobody replied anyway so it all worked out good. t
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    Crises in my marriage - Cheating.

    If you go to you can get a free chart to post. In horary you need to do a chart for the time and day you asked the question. Use reg. for the house system. The only person that I know of who would try to delineate the chart that you posted would be Dr. Farr & he hasn't seemed to be...
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    does he think of marriage

    I see no chart??
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    Can someone help me? Will he leave again?

    I couldn't see your chart it came up with your ogin page.
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    will we ever meet up?

    Hey, if you go to you can get a free chart. Use reg. which is used for horary. You would be the ac he would be the 7thh. post and we will see what we can come up with. You will want to look @ the moon and aspects to the sig. planets. T
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    does he have another

    Free Chart 100% Your name: T Tootsie - Login/Logout Horoscope Home Free Horoscopes Astro Shop Forum FAQ My Astro...
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    does he have another

    This is a horary chart. I don't have his info. to do a synp. chart. In a horary the co-ruler for me would be venus and mars for him. Allot of times it is difficult to delineate your own chart, that's why i decided to post it to get some additional input. Tootsie
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    does he have another

    Hey, I need some input from horary experts. This guy that I was once involved with has come back into my life. I've done several charts off and on over the past 7 months. Based on each of the charts I kept thinking he wouldn't come back, but he keeps ending up on my door step unexpected...
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    Will he give me another chance

    ok, since we are all on this subject what about the south node in the 1st h or on the ac. Any input? Of course, this chart didn't have the sn in the 1st h. But, in general from what I've seen the answer is no...don't read the chart. Dr. Far says it is a no go. So....what do you experts...
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    Will he give me another chance

    Just for the record, Horary doesn't use the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. we have a moon @ 0 degrees. Thanks for your interpretation....I wouldn't have done it with this chart. Cheers! T
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    Will we marry

    Hi, I usually don't try to read horary charts that aren't in the house system Reg. But, I'll give it a try and maybe some of our horary experts can add some additional information. This is a full moon and it is in the 12h showing you are pretty worried about this. He Jupiter and falls in the...
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    Will he give me another chance

    Hi, when the planet Saturn is placed in the 7th h the chart isn't readable. This is one of Lily's rules. He said even if an astrologer would delineate the chart he would probably give a wrong answer to the question. I would ask again later after the full moon. Cheers! Tootsie
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    Welcome to the forum! T
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    Does my ex miss me?

    You need to post it reg house system. I pulled it up and it didn't even give the degrees for the ac. Maybe, dr. farr would delineate your chart the way it is. T
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    when will i be completely happy ?

    I think there is a different question to be asked here. When will I be happy is pretty general. A more specific question. You are unhappy because? What are you looking for to make you happy? Is it....when will I get over him? or....when will I find someone else? T
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    DR Farr please indulge me

    If you use the Reg instead of the whole house system sometimes it works better to give a different perspective on things. The ac is what matters and where the signf. planets are and the aspects they make. The aspects wouldn't change but house placement ect. maybe would. I prefer the reg...
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    will we ever reunite, rx signifificator in 12th

    Hey, he might not see you as venus since he is nasty ole mars rx.....but I'm sure there are allot of other guys out there that would love to have a venus in their life. (smile) T:cool:
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    will we ever reunite, rx signifificator in 12th

    The 12h placement could be that you are just thinking about him and wanting to be with him but he isn't good for you. The 12th h is confinement, prison, hospitals, self-undoing, witchcraft, secrets ect... Also, his sign. planet is a malific that is rx....he can't act and it is like going back...
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    will we ever reunite, rx signifificator in 12th

    Hi, The moon is a new moon so there is no light @ this time....not much going on. Then, he is rx so he can't really make up his mind. The moon does conj. venus so maybe you will meet eventually but I don't see @ this time where too much will become of the meeting. Since he is rx and you have...
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    Leaving the forums

    Sorry to see ya go...guess you must have your own reasons for leaving the forum. good luck and wish ya the best. Tootsie