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  1. ANUP

    will i have fame and success in the future?

    As i replied earlier, there is still some time for your success period. Good luck
  2. ANUP

    When does a transit have its strongest influence in case of each planets?

    For your answer is ashtakavarga system which is based on transit. For that you can visit my stuff. Good luck
  3. ANUP

    I got in car crash — Mars Transit my Ascendant

    Check your seventh house. You will get the answer. Good luck,
  4. ANUP

    Transits and natal

    Where is your chart????
  5. ANUP

    Jupiter Transits

    As you wrote that:... So, a year or so ago, Jupiter started transiting my 7th house, and from then until now, I honestly haven't been experiencing any of its effects, like, any, good or bad" But net result will be according to your natal Ju. If Ju is powerful, this would give malefic effect...
  6. ANUP

    Divorce or not?

    Your marriage was your choice. This might be before june 2021 and if this period skips, there might be a significant delay. Good luck
  7. ANUP

    Sun in 12th house?

    Your sixth house is little weak than third house. This might take more efforts, time to learn this knowledge. But you have good brilliancy and grasping power. Good luck
  8. ANUP

    Can you please help interpret these aspects for me?

    For thorough reading, you can share your past life events to verify birth time. Good luck
  9. ANUP

    Is the relationship worth it?

    Quality seems little affected. Your 10th lord is not placed in benefic position. Good luck
  10. ANUP

    could i have musical talent or acting talent in my birth chart ?

    Your second house lord can decide for what you are asking. This house is afflicted and can be soon resolved in coming time period. Good luck
  11. ANUP

    Terrible intrigued with something peculiar in my chart

    The result is not favourable or benefic. You got to raise money as demand of time will be there. Someone new might be on your way... Good luck
  12. ANUP

    I really want to travel abroad

    You can travel your desired countries. Be patient. Let the period of 5th or 9th lord arrive. Good luck
  13. ANUP

    Nodes house

    You are running through second lord period, thus worries are there. Good luck
  14. ANUP

    Divorce or not?

    There are few issues in your chart. Still the required antra is too far. Good luck
  15. ANUP

    I’m not too sure on how to read an event chart

    You can learn all ancient system of prediction. It is not so difficult. You can start predicting after two months of learning. Good luck
  16. ANUP

    Stagnation- stuck in a rut

    Good to read that you have little knowledge of astrology, interpreting in your own way. Your readings about your career, relationships etc are lacking basic principles of astrology. Career and relationship has a common factor, i.e 10th house and it's lord. Both changes shape as per houses and...
  17. ANUP

    Relationship with spouse

    I can not share something you wanted to know over this open platform. Yes, there are issues in you chart. Good luck
  18. ANUP

    Chart inteperation

    You can share your past events for more details. Good luck
  19. ANUP

    Need guidance please..

    You friend has delay of saturn and jupitor along with other issues. He might had neglected his choices in the past and not working now. Things will be smooth after 2021. Good luck
  20. ANUP

    Comprehensive Books of Karakas

    Do try KAS DIMENSION BOOK by krushna ji. You can get an insight of ancient astrology, how to use karaka and it's ansha's. Good luck