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    Interpreting Solar Return Charts

    Hi Bob Zemco. Many thanks for the input on SR charts I understand your post from 2010 to say that the SR chart is most relevant/accurate when using the place of current place of residence .. versus the birth place. Is that correct? (in my case, I've lived in the same county for the last 15...
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    solar return location

    Astrodienst says: Minimal importance of reference place Contrary to a wide spread misconception, the place where you live has very little relevance for a horoscope. For the horoscope readings offered on this website it has no influence at all. The birth place and birth time determine your...
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    Chart rectification

    I understand .. as I said, no problem :) It is 10:19am
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    Chart rectification

    WOW! I SO very much APPRECIATE your help with validating this new time of birth. As I looked at the chart, I could understand the progressed connections you pointed out and I'm trying to understand the outer chart and the "return" aspects (namely, Nep, Ven and Uranus). I see that it says...
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    Chart rectification

    Are there any techniques or very specific things to validate a chart rectification? The short version of the backstory is: I felt, for years, that my chart wasn't aligned, even though my birth time WAS recorded on my b certificate. I used a chart rectification calculator and I am now just...
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    Hello! I am still finding my way around this Community.

    I've loved and used astrology for a very long time, but there are still things that I can and desire to learn!!! I am a Seeker and love the idea of 'mastery' :smile: I look forward to connecting with other like-minded souls and astrologers.
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    URANUS Transits // Big Changes Ahead good or bad?

    What do you see - Positive changes? or are there reasons for me to be concerned? Thanks!
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    Am I doomed to be single forever based on my chart?

    I agree with much of what has already been said and I also see that your 5th house of romance contains Uranus, Neptune and North Node, which can describe the qualities of your romantic partners; some of those qualities being as follows: Uranus: Unique; Individualistic; Progressive; Neptune...
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    ISO Insights on Uranus entering my 8th house and more

    Uranus transits - WHAT DO YOU SEE COMING UP FOR ME? I would love your take on Insights/Predictions moving forward. Thanks for Taking a look!! Here is My Chart: