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    Scholarships Available for NCGR Conference in Boston Feb 25-28

    Frank, Is it too late to apply for the scholarships? I'm planning to attend and have a few reasons why I may qualify...
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    intercepted signs

    Hi Tee-Jay66. I do not consider the house weaker if it has an intercepted sign. I consider the planet in the intercepted sign weaker. But in application to horary, I usually use the ruler of the house, and give a much lesser significance to the ruler of the intercepted house. I would check the...
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    Multiple choices and "who is better" questions

    Greetings and Happy Holidays everybody; I have a general question. Frequently my clients ask me to help to make a "better" choice about some issues with horary. I also do lots of questions like this for myself. For example, in choosing preschools for my children, I compare 2-3 schools of choice...
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    Will I get a job offer?

    Fensi88 and others, in purely traditional horary, anticiscion is not used. With that's said, I think that there is always a room for symbolic interpretation, it is not so concrete and rigid. It all depends on how the astrologer thinks about the chart and the situation. For e.g, I've always taken...
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    Is my son going to have a surgery?

    A quick update on the situation: it looks like the prognosis that my son will have a surgery is not a correct one. The surgery is delayed indefinitely (it seems), meanwhile my son's condition has improved with the help of alternative medicines. It is not fully healed but in the state that...
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    Will I get a job offer?

    Teb, any update on the job situation? Just wondering...
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    Will I get a job offer?

    You still might get it Teb, the chart is good and clear. Let's see what is going to happen within this month. The only reason the chart maybe invalid if you asked the same question many times in a short period of time, or this was not the actual moment of your question. Once I had a situation...
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    Is god listening to me and if so why am I being punished by karma

    i agree with the above comments about the value of "Course of Miracles" but would like to add that there are many other wonderful sources as well (the spiritual teachings that would fulfill some of your void. Some people get it from Buddhism, some from Christianity, some from other sources. In...
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    Ascendant Signs and First Impressions

    i do not think Aries is "manipulative" per se -- in my experience it is pretty straightforward. perhaps, some other horoscope configurations contribute to that. although I knew a girl with Libra rising, Sun in Sag and Moon in Aries, and she was Miss Manipulation... Venus was in Scorpio, the...
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    Looking for a good traditional/horary book

    I always liked Karen Hamaker-Zondag's writings. She is a contemporary Dutch astrologer, she writes well and based on her extensive experience. I learned the rules of traditional astrology from her book and so far have had good results applying them to the horary charts of my clients and my own.
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    Should we go to Europe with kids this summer?

    Re: Should we go to Europe with kids now or later? The final update: we decided not to go to Europe this year b/c of the costs and the difficulty of the trip.
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    Is moms visit going to be easy?

    Final update: my mom left this morning, her visit was nice and without trouble. Occasionally, I felt some of the old feelings come up but with much less intensity and I let them go. I felt sad when she was getting ready to leave...
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    Retrograde Mercury -- delays in speech?

    Re: retrograde Mercury and progressions, to elumen My son is very sensitive and affectionate. He definitely needs to engage in different activities but when interested he engages in the activity for a long time. I do not yet observe restlessness or procrastination but he is only 2 year old. :-)...
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    Will I get the job and shd I take it?

    A final update. it appears the Saturn in the 10H was the decisive factor in this chart. The company offered me the job but for less hours and less money than I had asked. I declined the offer as a result. Saturn in the 10H indicated limitations and delays in this case (the company took almost 3...
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    Will he pass the test, again failed the first

    thank you, smilingsteph, it feels good to be appreciated. :-) i always feel thankful for your comments as well!!! as far as your job, i get it that the second lead sort of disappeared? as far as your friend, it sounds like a valid chart, if you really wanted to know, it does not matter if he was...
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    Will he break up with her?

    niplan, are we looking at the same chart? the one poshslop included with her question above has Aries on her 5th house, not Pisces.
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    Will he break up with her?

    but the 5H is ruled by Aries, so the ruler would be Mars, and the turned 7th ruler, Venus?
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    Will he break up with her?

    niplan, why did you assign mercury to "her" and jupiter to "him", just curious?
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    I'm Not Happy with My Life Right Now

    First of all, welcome to the forum SagSun05. I wanted to say that your interpretation of your own chart reads as both truthful and deep to me. I can relate to Moon/Neptune aspect description very well (have it in my own chart),. and to what you wrote about Mars/Saturn aspect (saw it in the chart...
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    Is god listening to me and if so why am I being punished by karma

    beatnikgirl, i find your question unusual. i do not think God is an entity you can associate with a particular house in the chart, it is all pervasive Spiritual essence that permeates and gives life to everything. I would use 12H for the questions about spirituality and karma (God too but only...