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    Borderline Personality Disorder

    Today is the World Mental Health Day. I have BPD and here's the aspects, as well as other configurations I identify immediately with this mental disorder: 02/16/1994 cancer rising; moon in taurus intercepted (not able to deal with emotions) Recently found out about intercepted houses, so I...
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    Is this why I have no close friends??

    All of the chart plays a part, so there's moon quincunx pluto, mars sext uranus, mercury conj uranus. Check the meaning of those aspects
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    Is this why I have no close friends??

    I also have pluto square sun and sun conjunct saturn but they're not in angles so it happens to me in a less obvious, more subtle way. You're still young so spend lots of time alone to get to know yourself right, cut the bullsh*t when second thought can come along mostly don't be afraid to be...
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    Is this why I have no close friends??

    Saturn is related to structures, time and karma. Sun squaring pluto saturn axis makes you feel odd with those energies you probably also find in the people you meet. Whether it is the father, some authority figure, the law or the police, etc there might be some challenge in connection to those...
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    what is this about?

    I have so much questions about this chart but I shall nominate a few of them. Can someone please help me understand what does it mean to have a a stellium (sun saturn venus merc) square pluto north node vertex, and what does the pluto north node vertex thing means? is chiron also involved...
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    career advice please - would self employment/writing be a successful direction for me

    Mars in 10th - politics, military, lawyer, with mercury saturn you have good memory. Sun in 1st you are what you want yourself to be, to be seen.
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    career advice please - would self employment/writing be a successful direction for me

    Architecture - you have mars sext jupiter, mars saturn, mars and virgo mercury (intelectual stimulus) for organizing, planning, making stuff etc, and leo venus (near jupiter) square pluto is good for creativity ou resources.
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    Is this why I have no close friends??

    Saturn in 7th might delay important relationships or may represent older people in relationships. Pluto is opposite on the 1st, people like you or don't like because they feel so, its that energy you project onto others
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    Chiron in 7th house in the upcoming solar return

    Hey goddess. I'm interested in knowing what that chiron on the 7th in your SR means. I agree with @time_lord, you need to chill a bit more and not rush into someone when you are enough by yourself. Just let it happen. By that i mean your extremely strong pluto-venus aspect that you deal with
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    HORARY EXAMPLE: Going on a Date (

    Dirius, how did it go on future dates ? Did it went good? Thanks
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    Squares and oppositions in synasty

    Could you post the image of the synastry chart? it would be easier for me to read it. By seing the overall the reading is much more quick
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    My Draconic Chart and Natal Chart

    My opinion is that the meaning of the shifted positions of your planets to different signs now on Draconic instead of your natal per say has no importance as the position of them related to the NN. The real issue in Draconic charts is whether if the planets are helping you get to the NN...
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    help find out the rising sun

    By his face can't really pin down the rising sign. Pisces is there, sag is there, aq is there, gemini moon yeah is there, as he studies a lot and moves a lot, moon-mars, very nervous and unstoppable person. sun-pluto square... for the width of his large body would be Taurus/Scorpio, more Taurus...
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    will we have some kind of relationship?

    I can see some harmony and some tension. The harmony is placed on your ascendants, although your jupiter signs square each other, you view the world as a scenery in diferent ways, but the way you come up to each other is pretty similar, and also the opposite suns create some attraction at first...
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    This synastry ! what to say

    :crying: What do you see on his natal chart or else in the synastry one? tell me what comes up I'm confused to what this person's personality, aims and intentions are like, as well as to what is going on between me and him. Knew him last summer and we had a two week affair cause then he had...
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    will we have some kind of relationship?

    Which map is yours and which one is his?
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    Hi from a double aquarius leo rising!

    Welcome pugetsound :) aquarius sun mars here! whatever you need <3
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    Greetings Astrologers' Community

    Also Saturn in Aries is its fall. Saturn in Aries might be a downer to your Mars, or else it might strengthen your Mars to be a steady worker. Watch for a lack of iniciative sometimes that might cause your Mars to feel down sometimes, or even trying to be an overachiever. It depends on the...
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    Greetings Astrologers' Community

    I guess that over the years I'll get more atuned to this Gemini side, and Aquarius side also while balancing my Taurus-Scorpio axis, because i like versatile people, I am versatile in some way but i'd like to still improve this side of myself. To be able to do as much, learn as much as i can...
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    Greetings Astrologers' Community

    The EP is the sign and degree rising over the eastern horizon at Earth's equator at any given time; the point at which Earth's equator intersects the ecliptic. So if you were born at the Equator you'd have this point as an ascendant. It's a point on your chart that acts like an anti-vertex or...