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  1. Taurean

    How Do You Relate to Others?

    There's no best of anything, nor is there a premier sign. All signs have different qualities that should be accepted, good as bad.
  2. Taurean

    What sign do I look like judging by these pictures?

    My guess is definitely pisces rising.
  3. Taurean

    Problem with a woman Aries at work

    It should work this time. Followed instructions found on this site to the point aKuna: Thanks for the reply! I understand what you say, i do believe there may be some misunderstanding from my point. It's just hard to see how someone can behave that way to someone else without having an inkling...
  4. Taurean

    Taurus girlfriend left me for an Aquarius Man! Need Advice!

    Cheminsky was trying to help out, someone's misunderstood here.
  5. Taurean

    Did I do the right thing dropping psychology?!!!

    One of my usual sayings are; if you are in serious doubt, it is usually the best to quit because something is telling things are not right. Unless you are still dead set in your ways and have the stamina to push through, best is to at least quit for the time being. Maybe the passion will return...
  6. Taurean

    So what do you think of the age of Capricorn?

    Interesting reading. I definitely think that the "doomsday-theories" is just an outspring of the Aquarian eccentric nature, and that goes out to all the "revolutionized" news topics. I also strongly believe that the age of Aquarius will bring a better future for humanity opposed to what most...
  7. Taurean

    Why is Bieber so popular?

    Alright, i don't like to come across rude, i just like to have my opinions as clear as possible. Trying to work at it xp I also agree to a point with Michael. I'm sure there are thousands of ppl like him that wants to be where he is, but it takes a complete package that appeal to that certain...
  8. Taurean

    Why is Bieber so popular?

    Hehe, i'm sorry if i came across as rude ^^ I just have a completely different musical taste, that's all.
  9. Taurean

    Why is Bieber so popular?

    He's not at all popular to me. I haven't even heard any of his music, i won't make my brain suffer by listening either.
  10. Taurean

    A Taurus noob says hi!

    Welcome :) There are many that knows a great deal about astrology here, linger around for a while and you'll find lots of cool information
  11. Taurean

    Elements Question

    I see earth and air :) Definitely a virgo or libra
  12. Taurean

    i don't know anymore

    I can tell you right now, be very careful getting involved with Geminis. They are much faster to jump from person to person. They can of course committ themselves to others, but they still need to have contact with other people, and new people. Otherwise they will bore themselves to death and in...
  13. Taurean

    Favorite Foods of the Zodiac

    1) What is your ULTIMATE hypothetical/real meal? (Your stomach is also bottomless!) Very hard to say. A well balanced meal including fresh salmon, the freshest vegetables and a light sauce to go with it comes very high on the list. Rich sumptious stews are also delicious. 2) What food grosses...
  14. Taurean

    Why did you get into astrology?

    1) Because it's something i see that fits with people, and it's very helpful to let me understand others. 2) It's something that gives me confidence, and helping me in having confidence in other poeple!
  15. Taurean

    mars in scorpio

    That was quite depressing reading ^^ The brighter sides of having mars in scorpio is the ability to be rational and trying to find solutions in every conflict...
  16. Taurean

    Problem with a woman Aries at work

    Ach! ^^ I've done this before... I'll make it happen in time.
  17. Taurean

    Fixed signs and love

    Mars in Scorpio Venus in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio I can honestly say in the time i've been with my last and only gf (we were together in about 2 years), i didn't once think about leaving her. Why it ended, was more like feelings that maybe died out a little bit over time, and in the end we...
  18. Taurean

    Problem with a woman Aries at work

    Tell me how to upload the chart and i'll do it. For now, this will have to suffice... born on 14 May Planetary positions planet sign degree motion Sun Taurus 24°00'15 in house 8 direct Moon Scorpio 16°51'24 in house 2 direct Mercury...
  19. Taurean

    Problem with a woman Aries at work

    Serafin5: Thanks for your answer! I don't really know what it is still. I'd like to think that gamzatti's answer is quite viable as well. About telling my superior, i've been thinking a bit about that lately. I work through a employment agency, i could tell my boss there. But not at the actual...
  20. Taurean

    Problem with a woman Aries at work

    Oh, right! I did vaguely remember her birthday, since she had it sometime in the first week i started there, which was in march last year... but i can't remember exactly the date. Sometime around the 20th to 25th. I can come back with this when that time has passed again.