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  1. haidee

    Experiences with Pr.Moon in Scorpio??

    I will PM you as this would be another thread. Thank you. :)
  2. haidee

    Experiences with Pr.Moon in Scorpio??

    I just came back from a long break off the forums to check on my threads. Would you believe! I actually experienced a heavy loads of emotional break downs during the progression of my moon in Scorpio and now it's heading into Capricorn. Very intense indead, I'm not kidding. I had some...
  3. haidee

    Chat Thread

    Made one just before when it happened - Said something ‘Bout health problems. Can’t really read any at the moment
  4. haidee

    Chat Thread

    Thanks. I’ll take that as a compliment.
  5. haidee

    Chat Thread

    Yes. Not even teenage-drama. Is this adulthood?
  6. haidee

    Chat Thread

    lol........ 2nd question. > just some idiots on this forum who played a part in ruining my life. 🤷🏼*♀️
  7. haidee

    Chat Thread

    So when are you gonna pay, hmm?
  8. haidee

    Random Thoughts

    Someone told me to go - but I said no. (“u” notice???)
  9. haidee


    8H.... => you’ll never know unless you have it. Or you’ll know but will misinterpret.
  10. haidee

    Playlist of the Week(music)

    Even if the forum seems more dead than ever 🤷🏼*♀️
  11. haidee

    Descendant - your invisible shadow self, your biggest enemy and truest love.

    What if loving freedom is highly egoistical? I mean... I gained people trying to destroy me for it... o.0 personal experience, serious question.
  12. haidee

    Libra here

    Welcomed ~ Nice to meet you.
  13. haidee

    Tell me somthing I don’t know !

    Well it looks nice, but that’s just my opinion that you didn’t know.
  14. haidee

    What is my purpose? I'd love to know!!!!

    Can’t read your chart, but : do as much as you want to do. Even little things when “chasing” bigger dreams/plans. (Thought an important lesson I learned as well.) May read the chart later.
  15. haidee

    Happy 4th of July!

    Or my birthday 🙃🙃🎈🎁 Small bits of pride left. Will America adopt me?
  16. haidee

    Life Purpose in Astrology

    Imagine searching for your life purpose most of your life. Then you finally find something that relates to you, and boom :joyful: some thieves prevents one from fulfilling it. Reality, *sighs* What's a go-to remedy if you're purposeless? That's a genuine question by the way.
  17. haidee

    Random Thoughts

    A mirror can never answer your question, but I suppose it's a reality check?
  18. haidee

    Random Thoughts

    Here goes... Leap of faith?
  19. haidee

    Random Thoughts

    Fellow cancer, of course. :lol: *Sends hug*
  20. haidee

    Random Thoughts

    Oh and: "So many birds" :lol: