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  1. dhundhun

    Managing Chiron affliction (e.g opposition, square and conjunction

    Chiron is being related to Virgo sign, thereby one needs skills and perfection to manage affliction and minimize the wound that Chiron often gives. Things other than skill or perfection, what all could help. Any association of Chiron with gems, herbs, food, color, etc.?
  2. dhundhun

    Are stationary planets more or less powerful?

    Planets in TRANSIT play important role being STATIONARY (direct, retrograde). Making double transits, triple transits. Trans-saturnine make even more, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 transits to the same point - at time making a person feeling out of the World, sometimes feeling doomed. Triple or double transit...
  3. dhundhun

    uranus 2 degrees away from my second house cusp

    It is Uranus in 2nd house.
  4. dhundhun

    Having internal fight

    I think book writing is driven by Uranus/Mercury conjunction. Nothing (planets) to support this except your stronger determination. Since they are in 1st, you should be in a position to take resolution to move forward.
  5. dhundhun

    2 Yods in a natal chart (Mars and Neptune Apex)

    Two YODs in this configuration is called "YOD TRAPEZIUM". Prioritize in this order. Square will dominate. Sun/Venus square Jupiter will be felt more. That is relationship and career crossing each other. Due to Yod configuration health is likely to have problems. Maintain best dietary habits...
  6. dhundhun

    Jupiter conjunct N. Node in composite

    Well, I could not see the chart. But your question is a good for being "wanderer", site seeing, exploring. If either of you don't have enough financial resources, it can be financially painful. If afflicted, others could be jealous, others could misguide. Be aware that realizing +ve effects of...
  7. dhundhun

    Am I just destined for a life of poverty?

    This is a chart, having own money is not easy. However, in effort doing so, you will land up with good idea for that you get financed to run it as business. The chart is great for that as well as chart is great for luck after marriage. Instead of running you own car run car owned by business or...
  8. dhundhun

    Pluto in modern astrology

    It is wise to use Pluto, when it falls in cardinal house. For that matter, use of Eris also if in cardinal house can give clues for events happening. Also wise to use, when Progressed MC or ASC or the Sun is crossing PLUTO. On many occasions, like transits, or if it is placed in cadent house...
  9. dhundhun

    ???? Yod with Midheaven as Apex ????

    I won't count that as YOD. Two reasons. 1. MC is a point not planet. 2. Pluto and Uranus both are trans-saturnine.
  10. dhundhun

    Do i have negative aspects in my 7th house? Im always lonely

    Any aspect of Saturn to the Moon tend to make loner. The trine aspect (to the Moon and Mercury) can make a good writer, can give success with accounts too. Inhibited energies might make you a good critique too and often looking into detail. I think, using idioms and phrases with touch of...
  11. dhundhun

    If you've had Saturn transiting or progressed in the 3rd house

    When Saturn is transiting 3rd usually TRUSTED friends remain in circle. It limits communication, that includes verbal as well as body language expression.
  12. dhundhun

    Am I going to move to India (from the USA)

    DELETED POST. Disappointed, no feedback on the post.
  13. dhundhun

    Which planet should i keep responsible - Pluto or Saturn?

    Transit of Saturn over Natal Moon is usually hard. Specially if she (Moon) is weak in chart. This transit in Vedic Astrology is central part of Sade-Sati.
  14. dhundhun

    mars in the 1st house..

    It appears that Mars is Rx in your chart, squared by Neptune and Chiron. It is strong, but can act as melafic, I mean troublesome, deceptive and kind of to put in a state where you need to learn and prove more. Jupiter and Venus aspects are for sure help to resolve and move forward.
  15. dhundhun

    please cups and rulers

    Re: please give me career insight Fashion design (clothing, jewellery, etc.) might interest you.
  16. dhundhun

    What are you learning from COVID?

    What are you learning from COVID? Survival, survival and survival. I need to go out once in every five-six days to two three places (CVS or Safeway or Fred Mayer or Costco or Whole Food Store or Indian Grocery Store or Storage Unit or Clinic). And every time, second or third day, COVID like...
  17. dhundhun

    Lost my Necklace.... :(

    Since it is in Libra, airy sign, it could be hung somewhere or be on some attic. Also because of retrograde, there are chances of damage to it. Irrespective of indications, wish you to find it and in best state.
  18. dhundhun

    Full Moon Mar 12, 2017

    Feel this influence to be significant, so thought on mentioning This Full Moon is influenced by Saturn/Chiron, such influence can cast shadow over hope and bring delays, disappointments, etc. It can be demoralizing. If expecting something +ve in next few weeks, be realistic. It'd have global...
  19. dhundhun

    Using to get Vedic degrees (chart)

    It does not have provision for D charts. One can have only Natal Chart degrees.
  20. dhundhun

    Gemini curse?

    Gemini can flirt and give false signal in matter related to love. For many people love is serious matter. If it is so in her case (I mean serious matter), she will always feel betrayed by flirting. You have to prove that you lack flirting quality of Gemini and in matters related to love you are...