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  1. Kuntuzangmo

    The destruction of social media in 2020?

    Sounds like total Russian propaganda.
  2. Kuntuzangmo

    60 Minutes pedophilia Expose

    Rahu, have you looked into Michael Jackson's pedophilia?
  3. Kuntuzangmo

    The Left in 2018: Unhinged

    I see the Russians have continued success.
  4. Kuntuzangmo

    intercepted signs

    I'm afraid you've used an example that is not interception. See here for what interception is:
  5. Kuntuzangmo

    Donald Trump will be impeached.

    drump is on board with anything he believes will get people to praise him.
  6. Kuntuzangmo

    Second Saturn return advice

    Well, the dignified Saturn in Capricorn for me is all the positive traits such as responsibility, loyalty, leadership, action...and using discipline with the emotions and mind via meditation and other activities is the Moon/Saturn. The necessity of all this is amplified. What makes it...
  7. Kuntuzangmo

    Second Saturn return advice

    Thanks Waybread. All that sounds good and would normally for someone, for instance, interested in retiring which many do at this time. But I'm actually coming out of retirement, slowly....and for the last two years have been overcoming some chronic health stuff. I'm trying to incorporate all...
  8. Kuntuzangmo

    Second Saturn return advice

    Here it the chart. Thanks.
  9. Kuntuzangmo

    Second Saturn return advice

    The first one was dramatic in the realm of relationships. As this one approaches, I'm finding myself feeling a bit glum, keeping to myself. I have Saturn conjunct Moon in Capricorn and the whole transit will continue over the next 14 months or so. If you've had a challenging Saturn return...
  10. Kuntuzangmo

    Moon + Saturn = Comedian

    With Moon/Saturn, if you don't have a sense of humor, it can decimate you.
  11. Kuntuzangmo

    Where are the keys?

    Anyone? Any thoughts whatsoever?
  12. Kuntuzangmo

    Where are the keys?

    Can you help me find them? Someone handed them to me and I was startled. Usually I keep them in the door. My memory is that I put them on the stairs leading up to the door so I wouldn't forget to put them back. Now some days later later I cannot find them anywhere. The person who handed...
  13. Kuntuzangmo

    Rothschilds and the New World Oder

    Trump is seriously unlaughable and the rest of us are paying the price. Wasting time on grand conspiracies, imho, doesn't really help the situation. But at the same time it's your thing, so no worries.
  14. Kuntuzangmo

    Rothschilds and the New World Oder

    Right. And the Russians/Putin have no agenda but truth and justice? Please. It's laughable.
  15. Kuntuzangmo

    North node - How many do accomplish their spiritual mission?

    I think it's hard particularly if there is some modicum of success coming from the SN position. The draw is just too strong. I have SN in Aries in the 9th. Spiritual, higher learning and travel have marked much of my life. Yet at the same time I've also cultivated very consciously my 3rd...
  16. Kuntuzangmo

    Losing my sanity after age 50 ):

    Try some therapy or some group support. Find someone to trust you can talk these issues out with and come up with a plan for healing. I don't think that just looking at your astro chart will help you heal your mental and emotional patterns.
  17. Kuntuzangmo

    Harvey Weinstin

    Questions. Anyone looked at his chart yet? Quite the spectacular downfall and must be apparent if astrology is worth its salt! Also curious he and the big hurricane share the name. Is there another Harvey going to make it three? Hmm!
  18. Kuntuzangmo

    Mandalay Massacre 10/01/17

    You should go with April 4. Look at the squared left bottom of the top shape, as a 4 would be. A 9 is rounded.
  19. Kuntuzangmo

    Recent USA reading. REALLY good

    Hmm. I just opened it no problem. Not sure how to advise.
  20. Kuntuzangmo

    Recent USA reading. REALLY good

    It's sort of wordy, but stay with it. It's comprehensive and enlightening. By Matthew Stelzner