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  1. Culpeper

    DEMOCRATS WORRIED that Joe BIDEN TOO FEEBLE lacks mental alertness to TAKE ON TRUMP

    First I haven't been active here for along time. The politics had descended to a very low level, and I was being attacked by skeptics even on threads where I had not posted anything. This will be an interpretation of the horary chart posted by Leomoon, "Will the incumbent retain the POTUS? 31...
  2. Culpeper

    Telepathy and Astrology

    Saturn in opposition to Mercury can block telepathy, but not all the time. Transits of the planets and other astrological considerations influence this ability. Parapsychologists have found that about 5% of people they test have psychic abilities including telepathy, clairvoyance, dowsing etc...
  3. Culpeper

    Ruling Planet Earth

    Welcome to the Astrolgyweekly forums. This is the traditional astrology forum, so here the Sun rules Leo and the Moon rules Cancer. These are the lights. The planets that look like stars each rule two signs. In addition to Mercury and Venus, Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius; Jupiter rules...
  4. Culpeper

    Shamanic spirit animal

    I too have a spider as a spirit guide. If you are clairvoyant and can scry you can see what your guide looks like, and also see the forms of other people guides. They are never human, but always some animal, bird, reptile, insect etc. In astrology spiders are represented by Venus because they...
  5. Culpeper

    Is my sister seriously ill?

    Using the whole sign system of houses, your sister would be signified by Pisces and Jupiter. The sixth house from Pisces is Leo ruled by the Sun. The Sun represents the illness. Your sister should recover because the Sun is separating from Jupiter. A sympathetic remedy of the Sun would be...
  6. Culpeper

    what profession will give me success and money

    The tenth whole sign house must be considered for this question. The sign is Taurus and Venus is the ruler. Venus is in Taurus. The occupations ruled by Venus are important to the querent. If you have something specific in mind it would give a more specific answer. According to Lilly these...
  7. Culpeper

    Fukishima-Extinction Event

    The reactors at Fukushima were over engineered so as to take earthquakes and tsunami. The actual explosions and destruction were the result of the use of Russian scalar weapons. The Americans do not have anything like it. Mossad may have found out something, but what ever Israel was able to...
  8. Culpeper

    Age of Aquarius

    The Age of Aquarius is ruled by the chief malefic planet Saturn. Saturn is always bad in traditional astrology. In New Age Astrology Saturn is often said to be good and Jupiter to be bad, but that is not how astrologers originally looked at it. The Age of Aquarius is also considered to be the...
  9. Culpeper

    Health problem

    This is a valid form of astrology. Consider the problem for awhile and then without looking at any star charts in advance write down the specific question and cast a chart. The chart will not give a diagnosis itself, but will indicate the planets involved and suggest a remedy. To actually...
  10. Culpeper

    Astral Projection/Travel

    Having studied this, I do not think it can be done just by some New Age meditation system. Something more powerful or violent is required. To travel out of the body one must break the silver cord yet survive. A violent accident or shell shock from high explosives may do it. Taking psycho...
  11. Culpeper

    Electing the start of a webpage

    The users don't matter. It is the moment you make it publicly available. Have a strong direct Mercury in an angular house. It should be unafflicted by malefics and aspects from benefics are helpful. It would help if Mercury rules the 9th or third house. The first house should be strong. The...
  12. Culpeper

    What is causing my mom's skin irritation?

    Your mother is represented by Venus in Leo and the first whole sign house. The doctor is Saturn in the sixth whole sign house. There is no aspect between Saturn and Venus. Her doctor will be ineffective. The condition has indications of being very persistent. Mars is in opposition to Venus...
  13. Culpeper

    Chart of a Spiritual Person

    A strong ninth and third house is a good indication of psychics, astrologers and spiritualists. The house rulers should be strong. That is be angular, in sect and have essential dignity. There should be some connection to the ruler of the first house such as aspects and receptions. Jupiter...
  14. Culpeper

    Can Horary chart imply you have freewill

    There is a continuing debate over freewill in Astrology. But I have found that someone always has the choice of following the advice of the horary chart or not. The horary charts for most questions give a negative answer. Should I do something or other is the most useful question. There are...
  15. Culpeper

    Murder or Suicide?

    I use the first house for celebrities unless the querent is related to them. Mercury is the significator. It is very strong and only under the beams. There is no indication of murder. So it is most likely suicide.
  16. Culpeper

    Anti-Communism/Socialism/Marxism Thread

    The wealthy do not sweat at least not from work. They make everyone else sweat.
  17. Culpeper

    CT i need your help with sect by robert hand.

    Nocturnal planets are in sect in a night chart no matter where they are located in the chart. Same for diurnal planets in a day chart. That would be the Hellenistic method. In the middle ages the Arabs added more complications such as being above the horizon and in an agreeable sign. That...
  18. Culpeper

    Question about medical treatment to choose

    Re: Ginger and Lemon. Ginger is ruled by Mars and Lemon by Venus. However, adding either one for flavor is all right. In astrology Mars and Venus are friends and help each other.
  19. Culpeper

    Please Help!

    I would use Mars as the natural ruler of equipment as a significator and Jupiter as ruler of the second house also. Mars rules the ascendant and Jupiter is there . The device is recoverable and nearby. Look to the east in the room.
  20. Culpeper

    Question about medical treatment to choose

    Re: Yerba Mate and homeopathic Thuja. In the USA they are obsessed with putting warnings on everything due to all the legal liability and law suits. I can not find anything like that on Yerba Mate or any homeopathic remedies-- Not so much as a warning for mothers. Just be careful to buy...