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  1. natasa812

    Defy aging? Which sign aspects look the youngest?

    I agree. Gemini definitely. So, it is Mercury. They look not only young but somehow childish and playfull with that constant brightesome expression on their face.
  2. natasa812

    7 deadly sins and the Zodiac

    No, the lust is usually only for the food... There is this generalization about Sagittarius that we can not ever have only one slice of anything. Sagittarius is not greedy - the expansion goes for spending and giving - not for taking. We are acctually not so good with money - we spend a lot, we...
  3. natasa812

    7 deadly sins and the Zodiac

    Sagittarius - feverish, impatient, flirtative, unfaithful, luxurious
  4. natasa812

    need help, do I know him?

    I also agree with Barbh If it is a past aspect, it means that it already happened so yes, you have met him. Best r
  5. natasa812

    Look at your chart and tell us what you love about it!

    - Sagittarius Stelium in 10th - Mars in 1st - Jupiter final dispositor of my Natal - Jupiter in conj. with Sun, Mercury and MC 10th - Moon Venus trine - Moon Mercury trine - Neptune square Moon (ruler of my 6th) and AC - no feelings involved in every day job! A real ``square life saver`` - My...
  6. natasa812

    astrological oxymorons

    forbearing Aries frugal Sagittarius unstable Capricorn silent Gemmini / Sagittarius non flirtative Gemmini / Sagittarius categorical Libra untrimmed Taurus / Libra untidy Virgo lavish Virgo faithful Sagittarius ;)
  7. natasa812

    Bumpy astrological ride

    I also have Pluto in 7th but Jupiter is not aspecting it at the moment. Trines my Uranus in 7th but again, yes, somehow, I get more invitations for parties and generally for ``fun``... Also, Jupiter rules my 10th and this trine brings many ``sudden`` offers for cooperation (even different from...
  8. natasa812

    Progressed ascendant.

    My Mars is in Pisces also and my progressed AC is in my 2nd house too at the moment (in Taurus but the 2nd is ruled by Mars). I am (or I feel) more feminine lately and I take more care about colours, detailes and accessories generally...
  9. natasa812

    Looooooooking for Looooooooooove! :)

    Dear Sagittarian fellow, please keep in mind that I am new in horary but what I know for sure is that you are Jupiter and he is Mercury. You are in your 12th house (not a very good place to be), he is in your 3rd of communication but since he is less than 5 degrees from the cusp, he is...
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    Another one for the hope... :sideways: Waiting for the 2nd prince (with or without a white horse)
  11. natasa812

    Bumpy astrological ride

    This ``heaven trio`` is in conj. with my natal AC and I feel just fine... Acctually, not just fine but perfect. Jupiter in 1st brings expansion, I feel great and the only problem is that I excersice even more because I am afraid that I might gain some weight with Jupiter in here... Generally, I...
  12. natasa812

    Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

    For a long time now, I have been collecting dos and donts on this Forum, just couldn`t dare to post. It is lingual / astrological and for general use. Motivated with the post from Radu, here it is: 1. Instead of: He is a liar According to: Beware in all Judgments, when the Significator of...
  13. natasa812

    your astrological enemy

    Thank you Dear EJ, you always make me think. Post was funny (about cooking a male Sagittarian in a deep fryin pan... :) ) Generally, trying to apply your wise advices in personal life. Wish me luck. Natasha :love:
  14. natasa812

    Death of a Sibling

    Thank you for your reply. This message is quite optimistic, I hope that there is another dimension and that he is fine there.
  15. natasa812

    Progressions and tertiary progressions

    Dear Pinecloud, as you can see from the post above, even for myself I had to ask for help from more experienced members because I am not a proffesional astrologer neather willing to be. I have no knowledge to answer such complicated questions Wish you the very very best
  16. natasa812

    your astrological enemy

    Thank you for your reply, I am glad you didn`t take anything personaly. Yes, probably, I ignored some points (maybe Sagittariously superficaly)... :) And even if it is somehow contradictory (about vagueness form Pisces and detail from Virgo), I see no contrast in this (sorry, but it is true). I...
  17. natasa812

    your astrological enemy

    A woman to woman tips on how to destroy a Sagittarian man ;) Dear Lissa, I am Sagittarius but as a woman, if you want to destroy a Sagittarian, this is what you must do. Just reading your post, sounds like a nightmare. I remember a Cancer one - who wanted to have a relationship with me - I...
  18. natasa812

    your astrological enemy

    Please do not take anything personaly. It is just what I wrote - I speak (directly I hope - or Sagittariously bluntly :) ) and Pisces is so ``dreammy`` sometimes that they hear what they want to hear or a better version of reality. It might be better or less painful this way but I just can not...
  19. natasa812

    your astrological enemy

    I do agree with Arian and with Frank - just don`t know the reason (I mean that I can not explain it astrologicaly) but my Astro enemies are generaly: 1. Pisces - I say one thing they understand something different. I speak directly and they just flow away or just leave the room without...