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  1. RayAustin

    Hello! :)

    Welcome :kissing:
  2. RayAustin

    How will be my spouse like

    Lol, possibly later today.
  3. RayAustin

    Chart reading please?

    Then instead of woman it will just be whoever you choose as your significant other. I assume people are usually heterosexual, lol.
  4. RayAustin

    Chart reading please?

    It's nice that your Sun is conjunct Regulus in the 10th house and that you were born in the day time; should be a very good boon towards your career and reputation especially with Jupiter. Downside is your combust & retrograde Mercury which will be a hindrance, could show shifty and...
  5. RayAustin

    Lost Ring

    Did you find it yet? Who is asking the question, you or her?
  6. RayAustin

    Where is my package ?

    Seems pretty simple.. Jupiter in Leo in the 9th house suggests it's traveling / in the hands of authorities. Also, since you're new to horary I'd forget about whole sign, stick to regio. Moon trine Sun (Jupiter's dispositor) says you get it, and Moon trine Sun is also a general indication...
  7. RayAustin

    Are the horrible cryptic twitter messages based on me?

    I'm just saying again generally that it really doesn't stop you from being able to judge a chart. I see the strictures more as guidelines than rules, and even then sometimes rules are made to be broken. It's up to the astrologer, everyone practices horary in slightly different ways. There is...
  8. RayAustin

    'STINKING INKING' * Obsession* 'Fanaticism???

    As of late, I think it has to do with people born in Pluto in Scorpio who are also influencing younger generations.
  9. RayAustin

    When the quesited is ruled by MOON.

    Hm. Well personally I really never do third-party horaries, unless indirectly in a romance horary for example the quesited person seems to be involved with someone else, which is often seen by the quesited planet being joined to another planet that does not signify the querent. In this case in...
  10. RayAustin

    When the quesited is ruled by MOON.

    What do you mean? He says it in pretty plain english.
  11. RayAustin

    will my (female) friend call me?

    I used the 7th house.
  12. RayAustin

    About fixed stars

    Interesting. Every time Algol ends up conjunct a quesited house (if it represents a person), it usually rings true about substance abuse, usually alcohol.
  13. RayAustin

    Are the horrible cryptic twitter messages based on me?

    I'm not saying you did nor was really trying to talk of myself specifically.. I'm just saying in general. I don't think it is a stricture that really keeps you from being able to judge a chart. :)
  14. RayAustin

    Am I doomed to be poor?

    Not trying to be funny, but do you actually invest in high-quality products? It could also simply be the south node. I also find it interesting your south node is conjunct Spica.
  15. RayAustin

    I feel like my natal chart doesn't fit me

    What do you mean? You have the 10th house ruler, changeable Moon in your first house.
  16. RayAustin

    Robin williams....

    I don't think so. That could be said for any actor/person over 60 years old.
  17. RayAustin

    Care to guess Lady Gaga's ascendant?

    Me neither, celebs lie about their age plus I don't take times for granted just because someone said it so. I don't know where this 9:53 am time came from but I want to see if it supports fame. Do you remember where this video/interview is? + Lady Gaga has been caught lying lol I wouldn't...
  18. RayAustin

    When will my love life improve?

    Call me a dark horse, but I prefer the traditional concept of timing rather than Frawley.
  19. RayAustin

    About fixed stars

    Thank you, downloading now.
  20. RayAustin

    About fixed stars

    Thank you, Vista. :kissing: