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    I was reading through a thread and thinking about other threads by people who ask why they're a loner. I then thought that if someone is a loner, why should thy care what other people think? My first thought is that they weren't actually loners, but only loners relative to most human beings...
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    Why It Is Impossible to Live

    (If you don't know the title reference, ignore the title.) I've observed that on one hand, things do have identities independently and not relative to everything else, but also that a unified whole is more than the sum of its parts. Both are concepts that are impossible to explain through...
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    Accident Proneness

    Here's my interpretation of the accident prone guy's chart. I posted this here instead of just putting it on the schizoid thread where it's not irrelevant but not entirely relevant. Jupiter Rising - relies on luck, not a problem in and of itself, plus the sign (in tropical) is sanguine Moon...
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    Your accident-proneness chart was the first thing I found when I Googled "+psychiatric dictionary proneness to accidents". I kind of see a pattern but I wouldn't be able to definitively say he's accident prone (that's because of my limited experience, not the chart). What are the only...
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    I hope I don't sound like a know-it-all, but this is dissociation. In other words, it ranges from absent-mindedness to what I've described from personal experience as "feeling like a solipsist" (intense depersonalization). Identity dissociation is one form of dissociation, but not all...
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    (The phone version of this site doesn't allow edits) Also this thread is for a study not about me. If you want to make a version for BPD or participate in this then do that. PM me if you want to talk to me.
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    I have been at therapy. Things get increasingly complicated in multiple respects and it's sort of surreal. It's like the Trial or something. There's little I can do.
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    Lack of Motivation

    I don't really practice astrology right now, and if I did I'd advise you to do what works for you, not what works for me. I doubt this has to do with transits, since transits are not progressive.
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    Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius?

    Most astrologers convert to using the sidereal zodiac once they see it in action. Try it sometime.
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    Extroverted and Introverted Types

    Above/below horizon has nothing to do with introversion/extraversion. I think it has a lot to do with the Moon, but I'm not sure what. One thing I learned today is that Introversion is between Normality and Schizophrenia on the Normality-Schizophrenia axis. Between those are the personality...
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    Lack of Motivation

    Recently I've been getting to the point where it's very difficult to find the motivation to do anything besides a few activities that I like. I'm gradually getting pleasure from fewer and fewer things. It's not laziness in the typical sense, but more like anhedonia, apathy, passivity, etc. Does...
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    A personality disorder is a problem between a person's personality and society. If a person is not their personality, who are they? This is a philosophical problem, use this for one example: I'm perfectly fine with myself the way I am, I just wish I could be left alone and people would stop...
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    @gen6k - Your ideas are interesting, but they seem irrelevant in this thread.
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    Not all clinical psychology is psychiatry, because not all treatment is medicine (i.e. therapy). You should know that because your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food.
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    @JUP - Psychology ~= psychiatry. Psychology is the study of the psyche, psychiatry is the profession of giving medication for mental illness. I don't recommend anyone go see a psychiatrists unless they're in dire straits, and that's only after other stuff hasn't worked. There's a 40% recovery...
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    OK. If you have some traits you could post yours too. The bigger sample size, the better, because this is science. @gen6k - Kafka (Warning: is written by some of those people who like to boldy go where no man has gone before. They can't get enough typeface emphasis. If you're...
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    Some miscellaneous writing

    If you want to post writing and get more readers and not have to censor stuff, you could post on dA or a writing site. (I haven't found any good writing sites yet.)
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    How Important Is The Accuracy & Reliability Of Birth-Times?

    @JUP - Most newspapers just make up their Sun sign columns. There's so much inane cold reading involved you could have several fridges of books. I'm not just saying that because that's what I've inferred, I'm saying that because that's what some newspapers have openly said. They mostly use astro...
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    Schizoid (this loads a pixel for me.),_Franz,_Nikola...
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    I can't post any suspects at the moment. Edit: Now I can.