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    Ketu Dasha Expectations

    I am in ketu mahadasha and met my boyfriend during this time period. Also lots of detachment present.
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    Stuck on what career I should go for

    Any interpretation would be appreciated :)
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    Stuck on what career I should go for

    As the title says, I am unsure of what career is best for me. I do not have the best grades but want to go into the medical field. Which career would be best for me financially? Also, are any respiratory diseases indicated in my chart? I have also posted my rasi. Thank you!
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    Is this synastry good for a longterm relationship?

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    To marry a cheater?

    Not all men cheat and not all men won't cheat. Pick a reliable character and be wary of any suspicious behavior.
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    Moon conjunct partner's stellium

    You both should feel the effects. The energies of planets in synastry flows from one partner to the other.
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    Is this Composite chart bad having so many squares?

    I agree with chay, there's not much going on with the nodes. Based on my past experiences, relationships like these tend to dissipate fast and usually not meaningful either. Saturn opposite mercury isn't so good for communication either. One party tends to hold themselves back and control what...
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    Mercury in 12th/learning disabilities.please help.

    A bit late but I also have mercury in the 12th and I mostly credit that to making me so introverted. I tend to keep ideas and my own opinions to myself. I wouldn't say it affected me academically except for my own faults. Mercury in the 12th also makes me love writing and I've heard that people...
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    Will I get a job soon?

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    funny or feiry ?????

    Probably impatient like you 😉
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    Have I met my future husband?

    deleted... deleted...
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    What is my husband like

    Thank you!
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    What is my husband like

    Hi! I would like someone to tell me about my partner's appearance and personality? I am in a relationship right now and would like to see if he matches up my future partner's characteristics.
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    Help reading my boyfriend's natal chart!

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    Potential Spouse?

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    Spouse and Career Prediction ?

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    Fire Ox and Metal Dragon Compatible ??

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    Chiron in 1st house

    Hello luobingher! I also have chiron in the first house with a first house stellium (Sun, Moon, and Pluto). I go through the same things and face a lot of insecurity. Sometimes I feel as if I am not good enough for a certain task, but really it's just the chiron and Moon making me feel that...