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    Composite + transits for first date tomorrow?

    Going on a first date tomorrow with someone I have been talking to/hanging out with for 3 months. This is our composite plus the transits for tomorrow - how does it look? I am trying not to get my hopes up but I feel very good about this connection. Thank you! :)
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    All angles at 0 degrees in a composite chart?

    I was wondering if there was any significant meaning to this in a composite chart. This is a love interest. Our synastry is okay - and I knew there had to be more in the composite to explain this insane connection. Birth times are exact!
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    Am I seeing this with rose coloured glasses?

    Hi, thanks for the info. Heres the degrees:
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    Am I seeing this with rose coloured glasses?

    I am the outside (the red)
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    Am I seeing this with rose coloured glasses?

    I have tendency to see my romantic interests with rose coloured glasses but I feel really good about this one. Thoughts? Would greatly appreciate any input.. Thank you!:biggrin:
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    12th House Composite???

    What are your thoughts on this composite? A lot going on in 12th & 1st house. Unsure how it would play out. It is a recent relationship but I already feel a lot of healing power in it. My last relationship was very abusive and toxic, and this person is complete opposite, so patient, kind...
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    Karmic relationship

    Hi there, I recently just ended a relationship that has taken a really big toll on me. I felt like we were soulmates or twin flames, and so did he. But we weren't ready yet. I don't know if we will ever be ready for each other, the intensity is so much. We have a lot to learn on our own first...
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    Will we last?

    Hi there, My boyfriend and I have been through hell and back. We have a very intense, roller-coaster of relationship. But he has made me transform into the person I am. He has brought up all my insecurities, traumas, fears, and made me face it head on. He has helped me grow, and learn what it...
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    Powerful relationship.. good or bad?

    Yeah, I think he puts a lot of pressure on me to "cure" him in a sense, and save him from his past troubles. Much of the toxicity in our relationship, he blames his past, and never fully deals with. I have always been aware of the trauma and issues I face - so I am often able to recognize it...
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    Powerful relationship.. good or bad?

    Thank you for taking the time to respond kimbermoon, your insight has been extremely helpful. I know it is definitely a karmic one, and relate to everything you have mentioned. There is quite a lot of dependency and resentment issues, and I have been diagnosed with BPD during this relationship...
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    Powerful relationship.. good or bad?

    My boyfriend and I, have had a rollercoaster of a relationship this past year since we started dating. We both have venus square saturn natally, and so we also have it within our composite. I have heard since we both have it, it may be easier to deal with. But I see it challenging us every...