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    why is it happen to me always?

    Im very careful on having relatioships due to my famliys strict culture but everytime espescailly on the period of july-august i fall in a relationhip just casually.Somehow iam attracted and it goes on for sometime decently.Those relationship doesnot work out and im aware of that too but it...
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    Need verification please!

    Hello wellwishers; DOB IS 5/11/1985tIME OF BIRTH IS 08:10am pLACE IS kUMBAKANOAM THANJAVUR tAMILNADU,South India In my chart , the Lagna is occupied by Mercury and Saturn. While the Saturn aspects the 7th house, there will be delay in marriage. However, as the Jupiter is also aspecting the 7th...
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    how karma affect our lives?

    How does Karma affect us?I have heard that the karma is also the cause of sins and evils done by our ancestors that will affect the present generation.Is it so? A nearby astrologer said that my marriage is delayed because of the karmic forces that rule my planets which is due to my...
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    can astrology help to redict the name or gender?

    hi; iam totally new to this astrology world and inquistve in knowing too.Well,i was just wondering if astrology can be able to predict the name of the guy to be married?Also,can the gender of the new baby can be predicted earlier through astrology?My friend was informing me that in astrology,the...
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    is it ok to get married?

    Thanking you with all myheart for your reply.I would be glad to know if you have time to assist me further...?:smile:
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    is it ok to get married?

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