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    cancer venus, aries 7th/vice versa

    im not entirely sure how literally you mean "complete charts", so im gonna put everything. just in case libra is in my 1st house, scorpio my 2nd, 3rd sagittarius along with my sagittarius pluto in it, 4th capricorn, 5th aquarius with my aquarius uranus and neptune, 6th pisces with my pisces...
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    intercepted/duplicated signs in the houses

    after learning about my boyfriend having intercepted/duplicated signs in his houses, id love to know more about that kind of thing and how they affect our charts! i find it so weird how having 2 signs missing from your houses can actually do something more
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    Borderline Personality Disorder

    i have been diagnosed with bpd. after being diagnosed, i looked at my natal chart in full and noticed i had several placements/aspects/etc that were very similar if not exactly the same as some of my bpd symptoms, with, in my opinion, my most notable and frequent symptom/placement being my...
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    cancer venus, aries 7th/vice versa

    i am a cancer venus with my 7th house in aries. my boyfriend is the total opposite... aries venus with his 7th house in cancer. what in the world does that mean!! theyre so conflicting and i dont really know how to interpret it
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    hi. im a gemini sun, pisces moon, libra rising. ive been very interested in and studying astrology for maybe a little over a month. im quite new and im constantly learning new things every time i delve deeper into astrology, i find it really fun! figured id make an account here since i dont know...