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    Could someone read this Sideral birth chart?

    Well, thank you but, the birth time and birth date are there. That's all. The person doesn't even know that I'm here for him/her. This person wants to try a suicide. Well, I'll try another astrological place to share the problem. Thanks!
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    Could someone read this Sideral birth chart?

    I know these things about houses, ruler of 1st house (and others), meanings... And I already know these sites mentioned, too. Because of this, I went here because I thought that would be more helpful and based in truth answers, not automatical responses. Thank you.
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    Using to get Vedic degrees (chart)

    If someone here can help me.... It's a great value. I made a Sideral birth chart, according this sticky post. I opened a thread about my doubts, yesterday. If someone here can help me, please, I'll be thankful for all. Have a nice day
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    Could someone read this Sideral birth chart?

    I've read the post by dhundhun So, I'm here again, re-posting the correct chart. Uranus and Pluto off. Whole signs, Sideral birth chart. It's correct according the sticky post made by dhundhun.
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    Could someone read this Sideral birth chart?

    Hello! This person suffers a lot in his/her family, with relatives (often fights with temperamental/provocative mother, has an absent father, no love in his/her home since childhood) and doesn't know what to do with his/her life (doesn't have a confidence). His parents are divorced. The person...
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    What signifies a naturally funny person?

    Sagittarius... Moon in Sagittarius debauchee, funny. Make fun of other people. But neither all people who have moon in Sagittarius are like that. But many others... Mars in Sagittarius... strong 5th house (stellium), sun in 5th house, moon in 5th, venus 5th, neptune 5th, leo sign...
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    Lilith & Appearance

    I have Lilith in Virgo, 7th house... And I act as a Virgo in many spheres of my life. I'm 5'2 - 5'3 ... short woman. I have small features, too. But I'm not thin or fat. I'm voluptuous... Ah, my eyes are big and "sad".
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    lone wolf syndrome

    I am a lone wolf. I have my ruler of 1st house in 11th, bad aspects with my Sun and Mercury. Well, I have Aquarius rising sign, Saturn/Uranus 11th house. Both bad aspected with Sun and Mercury. My moon is in 4th house. And I have Mars in Pisces, 1st house, trine with Pluto in Scorpio, 9th...
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    Gemini Moon random thoughts

    I have... 4th house, Moon in Gemini. Well, when I try to explain myself, here I am... a Bible! I cannot explain a thing without chewing part to part. I like to make things clear enough. (Like a teacher who is the first entering the class and last one to go away from there). But, I'm more...
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    Borderline Personality Disorder

    Mars with Pluto or/and Mars with Saturn... Mars 1st house.... Aries ascendant Mars Pisces, Libra... Moon with Saturn... Neither everyone has these placements (or one of them) is a BPD. But, I know people who are Borderline and have these aspects. Borderline is very different from Bipolar...