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    Scorpio ascendant relocation chart - is it good or bad for health issues?

    It will definitely be positive. The Pluto-Mars axis already proposes some fighting force, and with this Martian rulership in the sixth house, the tendency is to gain an energy never seen before, in my opinion. Of course, always with a medical evaluation beforehand, but I would recommend that...
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    Next relationship?

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    We now are facing to serious problems of astrology... please say your opinions...

    Just small displacements. No big deal, relax.
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    After everything you have experienced in the astrology realm do you believe in fate?

    The more I believe in fate, the more I believe in free will. For me, my freedom is part of a destiny. I feel destined for freedom. Destined for choice, destined for the path, destined to be free in every possible way.
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    Will I get the program or not?

    Considering your 10th house, which is related to business and work, at least in my interpretation there is a strong indication of admission. That is, I would bet that yes, you will succeed. I wish you luck and blessings!
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    The sexual side of Tantra is equivalent to an atom of an elephant. It is a tiny part of the whole immensity of treatises on absolutely everything. It turns out that just a little bit of "everything" is already a lot. Much of the idea that Tantra is about sex was born from the rumors around the...
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    In my country this impression also exists, but with less force. Part of my job is to decouple things. Sextrology is more about love than sex. Tantra is one of the most refined and sophisticated philosophical treatises of humanity. The reason it's a fundamental foundation for me is because it's...
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    Does he like me too?

    Chart ruler and 7th house ruler both in the same house. I interpret it as a very significant merger. Of course, because I am a sextrologist (an approach linked to sexuality in astrology) my bias tends to focus on this issue. In this bias, contrary to love as opposed to sex, as if it were "love...
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    Hello! I am astrologist dedicated to sexology (sexstrology). Tantra is a fundamental part of my training, without a doubt.
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    Next relationship?

    Hello. Taking a look over your information, I firmly believe you will experience a rest period of at least a few months. But 2024 is a year in terms of movement in the field of love for you, so I don't think you'll spend more than a year single.
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    Does he like me too?

    Hello. There is certainly some compatibility, but especially with regard to sexuality. Considering your seventh house (which caught my attention the most). The nature of that connection has more to do with sexual desire, I would say. Ps: please, this is a quick and superficial read, without...
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    Did he have sex ?

    It is difficult to extract details of this from a birth chart. But what is possible is to identify the transits related to a more intense pleasure and enjoyment, which I do not see. So I'd say he didn't get laid, honestly.
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    What is the biggest challenge between us?

    I would give more focus to the conjunction between your Chiron and his Jupiter. Of course, I could spend the whole afternoon composing combinations, but this one is the most fundamental because it proposes a karmic combination between you. Having or not having a karmic combination changes...
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    New job in the next 4 months ?

    Know that I wish you the best of luck! come back here to let us know when the work happens, I'll be happy to hear.
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    New job in the next 4 months ?

    Your Moon-Jup trine is confusing and hard to decipher, but I'm a strong believer in a six-month deadline for employment. A little longer than you expect, but it will happen. Don't worry.
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    Greetings from Poland

    hi! greetings and welcome!
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    What is going on in my chart that is perhaps delaying dating? Getting out there again

    In fact I can understand your confusion, I've been analyzing the chart for some time and it was a very rich read and full of spaces for different interpretations, like reading a book. (my favorite charts)
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    How did you get into astrology?

    I started in astrology after graduating in sexology. I discovered a dimension of astrological study that focuses on love and sex behaviors, sextrology And I've been acting in the relationships of couples, or single people who seek to get to know each other better in this area.
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    Sexy what does it mean to have SEX APPEAL

    Hello, I'm Maggie, and my school is sextrology. I combine practices like astrology and astral projection to generate definitions, and from my experience I would define sex appeal as a personality trait that manifests itself through a gesture or physical appearance. The most attractive force in...
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    How to find out which person is the right match?

    I believe that a smart strategy is to choose the partner, and analyze it. Offering several options and contemplating one of them based on your chart will not work very well. The chart does not have the main element for building a perspective to your love life: your love. Love must precede...