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    algol in synastry

    Algol is synonymous with decapitation. How I’ve seen this play out is the native losing his head over the matter signified by the planet conjunct it. So in synastry, it would depend on how each individual is affected. Their interactions can be based on this common “wound” or it might hinder...
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    New here! Let´s talk astrology!

    Hello!!! Lovely to meet a fellow astro junkie!!! We are the best kinds of junkies out there. 😝 Look forward to seeing your threads once I familiarise myself with this site. I’ve been visiting for years, just decided to be a member today. How do we add friend?
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    Why Astrology Works

    Hello Garrett23! I’ve read many of your well-thought our contributions to discussion. Just wanted to say thank you and hello. 😁
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    Obsessed with astrology!!!

    Hello everyone! I was on Elsa Elsa until 5 minutes ago. After receiving a personal message about “derailing discussions” (I blame my super active Merc at the highest point of my chart) from the site owner, Elsa herself, I realised that I don’t belong there. Elsa has a stellium in Capricorn...
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    Hi everyone

    Hello Neptune Rising! I’ve come across your posts quite a number of times. Please to meet you.