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    Aquarius with Scorpio moon

    deleted How do you delete the posts.
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    Hugh Hefner Dead at age 91.

    Wow didn't know he was so old. I guess those women did him good lol.
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    Random Thoughts

    It's a lot of fun going to class with my aries man. He was standing in front of the class and when the teacher explained some of the things he had questions about he said to me "take notes" and made a gesture to me that I should take notes infront of the whole class. I gave him a sarcastic look...
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    Random Thoughts

    My aries colleague sent me an email today asking if I was back. I said yes but don't send me any questions. He told me I was lucky he was busy and a bit stressed or he would have sent me tons of questions. I then sent him a pic of a stressed man infront of a computer and told him it was him. He...
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    Random Thoughts

    Hm there is not much happening at this forum. I'm bored out of my mind.
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    Fattest sign in the zodiac??

    What? No. I would go with Taurus sun and moon. :D
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    Quote/meme straight back at ya....

    I did the first steps but what do you mean painting looking icon? I don't see anything resembling one.
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    Random Thoughts

    Not looking forward to go back to work on Monday after a long vacation. Luckily I'm only going back for a few days. :D One of my colleagues quit during my time away. Aries woman. Very funny. Such a shame. She was very easy-going. I really liked working with her. My other aries colleague is...
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    Quote/meme straight back at ya.... OK didn't work posting pic for me. Hah. I'm new here.
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    What's the best and the worst Sun, Moon and Asc?

    I would say sag rising is the best because I am one. :D
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    Ah thank you. It works now. :)
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    Random Thoughts

    Thank you for posting this. Aries men are adorable. :)
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    I just joined this site. I noticed my posts aren't showing on threads under chat. Do I have to pay to post there? :P
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    How did you get into astrology?

    Can't really remember. I just know that I saw a pattern and found it interesting that there was actually some truth in it.
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    Your Astrology Weekly Screen Name

    I think it really suits me. I'm a libra and delicious like a cookie. :P