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    Soulmates from past life?

    So my ex-girlfriend just contacted me again like a month ago, after 10 years of separation. I fell for her on the deepest level i cant explain. Shes in a different country but im planning to move there this year. Her Sun conjuncts My South Node Her Moon conjuncts My South Node Her Mars...
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    Grand Cross & Grand Trine

    Thank you for the explanation :) I just red that, some astrologers consider mc, nn and chiron too as part of a grand cross, so i wasnt sure about it. I understand the concept of the grand fire trine, however i cant make a good picture of the involved planets and the houses. How does it turn...
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    Grand Cross & Grand Trine

    Hey guys, Can someone tell me something about the grand cross and grand fire trine and also the yod in my chart? Im struggling to find info as im only into astrology for 2 months. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance