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    "Is she cheating on me?"

    Hi everyone, I have a male friend who wants to know of his partner is cheating on him and he is quite stressed about it. I'm new to horary and would love to help him out. I would really appreciate if anyone can give me an interpretation. THANKS SO MUCH! Here is the date of inquiry 9:14pm...
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    Mercury retro.........weeeeeeeeeee!

    My internet stopped working on the day of Mercury retrograde! had to call the cable guy to come fix it, in the meantime, I'm using someone else's line :D
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    Owen Wilson's Suicide Attempt

    It's so difficult to imagine a happy go lucky actor in comedy tried to take his own life by slitting his wrist, an opposite protrayl of him on screen. Reports have claimed that his heroine/cocaine addiction took over him at one point. Owen Wilson has the Sun in Scorpio, along with three...
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    Sun Square Uranus

    I've always felt different and had the need to rebel against tradition... since I was young, I had problems with has gotten me in trouble a few times too... anyone have this aspect and have stories to share?
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    Mars Square Pluto 00°01' in my chart! O_O

    I have a mars conjunct pluto... in Libra (thank god), both planet also conjuncts my ascendant. My sister has the same aspect also... all I can say is that my relationship with my sister sums up this aspect, we are both very argumentative, competitive, always trying to get at eachother's throats...
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    Favorites/Least favorite signs

    My least favorite sign is scorpio because they are too intense (often unneccesarily so) and probe too much to try to instill emotions. They are emotionally suffocating and have an insane need for control... at least the ones I've met. I've had a string of bad relationships with scorpios... they...
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    wealth and money

    To answer your question, yes I am very much involved with art and music... was also a dancer for awhile and I have a certificate in massage therapy. which are all neptune related endeavors... but my passion still lies with technology.
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    wealth and money

    I have Uranus and Neptune 2nd house in Scorpio. Back in 1997 I was in Internet marketing, selling business opportunities and I did very well financially. I invented my own product (uranus) create my own website, did the marketing etc. I have Cancer on my MC so I worked at home, and with my Leo...
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    What Can You Tell Me About My Chart?

    Oh I liked that... that was great! Thanks! any one else?
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    What Can You Tell Me About My Chart?

    :60: Here's An Astrology Chart Excercise I want to see how accurate astrology is! Tell me the type of person I am, the type of person I attract, the job I have, my characteristics, my past... Anything you want.... I'll tell you how accurate you are (or aren't) :D August 13 1980...
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    Identical Twins

    thanks everyone... someone also told me it is our mars conjunct pluto in libra... and mars and pluto conjunct our ascendant that makes us so forceful/competitive (mars) and passionate (pluto) about our ideals. The more I read, the more I think Mars/pluto can make a deadly combination or...
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    Identical Twins

    Hi everyone, I have an identical twin sister and it always surprises me how different we are even though we are twins... we fight CONSTANTLY, bickering, disagreeing, and I sense there is some jealousy, competition, and envy (not really on my part although she disagrees). Our arguements get...
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    Share Mercury Retro stories?

    Computer glitch was one of the factors of the US stock exchange decline today...
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    Share Mercury Retro stories?

    It's been two days, and I've been caught up with the flu, sore throat, coughing, headache, the whole bit... haven't got any of my work done due to this delay, just been stuck at home resting. Also, drinking LOTS of water!
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    Strength of Signs VS Planets ?

    Yes I do feel the influence of Pluto the most, since I do have obsessive-compulsive, emotional, sexual tendacies... I feel the pluto influence even more in New York City due to my relocation chart. Thanks for the replies.
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    Strength of Signs VS Planets ?

    Hello, I have a question regarding the propensity between the signs and the planets. For example, would someone with a Scorpio Sun or Aries Sun have stronger traits/influence of these signs, than someone like me with aspects of Mars and Pluto strong in my chart? *) Mars is very strong because...
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    The Saturn-Neptune Opposition Part II

    To contribute, I just found another article The big picture: Saturn opposite Neptune February’s main event is the second pass of Saturn opposite Neptune. Do you remember campaign season last Fall, before the mid-term elections, all the dirty secrets...
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    Anna Nicole Smith is Dead....

    Wow that's interesting, her son passed away 5 months ago, then she gave birth, now she's dead. Wonder if anyone can translate those events in her chart: Nov. 28, 1967, in Houston TX
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    mental issues

    Hello, I agree with you in that a lot of people are largely misdiagnosed for pharmaceutical profits and to keep the field of psychology alive, however, that doesn't mean the illness doesn't exist and that people should deny treatment if they feel they indeed require it. My bipolar has lead me...
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    12th House-beginnings or endings?

    I have pluto and mars (conjunct) on the cusp of 12th in Libra, and it also conjuncts my Libra ascendant. Some astrologers say that it would be translated more in the 1st house since it is so close, but I'm not sure. For me this placement has a strong effect on my psychologically, dealing with...