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  1. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Venus / Neptune people

    I have a Venus in Scorpio exactly sextile Capricorn Neptune. I just accept ppl for who they are and I've fallen in love with girls that were not my type. I'm attracted to a woman's personality. I can honestly say that my attractions are purely subconscious. But if in attracted to a woman I...
  2. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Venus Pluto vs Mars Pluto

    Def. The Mars Pluto aspect. They are controlling by all means. The harsher aspects can be the most manipulative making sure things go their way. Also, its not very hard to get under their skin, they are very sesnsitive to their image and ego and if u damage it they say very personal things to...
  3. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Heavy Pluto Transits.. Any Ideas?

    This is a tough tough transit for me. Although the aspects are positive it's still rough. My natal Pluto is undergoing transits from saturn(conjunct), Chiron(trine),pluto(sextile)and north node(conjunct). This transit can make u feel lost, abandoned and betrayed. It's painful and feels just...
  4. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    2nd House Saturn

    I have this, and it looks like i might be broke when i get older. Im steady losing money, lost my job, car, ive got tickets out, loans out and im threating an eviction. Pretty rough right now. But Ive learned to value whats really imprtant to me, which is time. Time is far more important than...
  5. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Moon in Taurus

    I can def. tell you simply b/c most of my 7th house is taurus even tho it rules the 8th. Some positives ive seen b/c ive met alot, they are very grounded and real with their emotions. If they like you, they show you and do earthly things for you, help you out when you dont have it. And almost...
  6. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    How does the Sun in Fall "color" the chart?

    Even tho my sun is in Libra, and in the 12th, im not a shy person. I guess b/c my sun isnt badly aspected and its conjunct the asc. I personally dont have a problem shining a light on myself and its not hard for me to impress people. BUT i have found that when i TRY to impress ppl i usually...
  7. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Detrimental Planets and Falling Planets in the 1st house

    I have a venus conjunct mercury and pluto in scorpio in the first and yes i do care very much about my appearance. With it joining pluto and being in scorpio i know the truth about my appearance and well aware of my flaws but i know im handsome, i just know its others out there that women will...
  8. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Do you love like your moon?

    Hmmm.....I dont know about loving like my moon but i def. identify with it. I have a leo moon in the 10th house, im extremely prideful, hate to be wrong, dramatic, love luxury,and very stubborn and independent i hate to ask for help. My moon squares my asc., and jupiter and sextiles my libra...
  9. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    transits to progressed planets

    I disagreed with the notion at first but I'm slowly changing y mind. I'll do a little further research on progressions it just jumbles my logic b/c I never considered progressions to be anything other than symbolic unless they aspect a natal point/planet
  10. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Discussion:Aspects and Signs that favours sharing through social networking platforms

    Oooo oooo I kno this one. The third house, definitely b/c I read that it rules the Internet I think an active 3rd house really makes one social as they tend to interact with the surrounding environment. The more planets there the more open u become with communicating. I have Uranus there, also I...
  11. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Most sensitive, most emotional, most self-destructive Sun and Moon Pairing...

    Lol that made me laugh but it's crazy b/c I knew an Aries with a Capricorn moon and he got sent to a state hospital for a month he became very depressed I had to leave him alone at times but alot factored into that
  12. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Most sensitive, most emotional, most self-destructive Sun and Moon Pairing...

    I gotta disagree with you there. Pisces is te sign of pity. The one thing cancer does the most is act silly and tends to hold on to emotion but their cardinal mode(maybe) makes them pretty open about what they feel. I know alot of cancers. Cancer sun, moon, Venus and mars. And they are...
  13. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    natal and transits

    Well I'm still novice but I have basic knowledge and plus I feel for u n u really wanna help as much as I can. Some things that stick out to me is transit Pluto and transit mars are both going thru your 8th house. Maybe tht can explain why u feel so battle tested. Also transit Pluto is squaring...
  14. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    help!! Saturn transit in scorpio

    Well for me Saturn in Scorpio is transiting over my second house and is 3 degrees away from Pluto but also it's exactly conjunct Venus right now. My venus doesn't really seem to operate as relationships not as much as it does desire. I just feel a strong desire towards objects right now. The...
  15. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Moon signs and physical appearance

    was it necessary to quote me on it and ask?
  16. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Moon signs and physical appearance

    Ha!!! Lol that is neat. I would say that my moon placement gives me immense pride(10th)and character. I'm sensitive to my public image as far realness and authenticity goes. I would hate to be called "fake" lol
  17. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Moon signs and physical appearance

    Yea I understand I feel the same way bout my Leo moon its in the 10th house
  18. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Moon signs and physical appearance

    No matter what thread I go to I always see something about a cappy moon on here Im just curious as to why so much intrigue
  19. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Moon signs and physical appearance

    **** what is it with Capricorn moons on this site. I agree on water moons tho they all(especially cancer and Scorpio)have big emotional eyes Haven't met many Leo moons outside of myself I doubt their is anything special about our eyes or anything that stands out
  20. m0ney*p0wer*re$pect

    Saturn in Scorpio - and here we go...

    That's very true!!! It does motivate u to question what u deem important and pushes u to work harder