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    Autism & Asperger's in natal chart

    I have Apergers... firstly it is not caused by vaccines.. but a variety of genetic factors one of which is though to effect the proteins which may effect neural pathways.. im not sure how this relates to natal but heres my chart..
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    how long does it take to study astrology??

    for as long as your alive and astrogy srill is around
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    I wish I was a..

    :happy: yes i dont get, i whis i was (.....) thing there is no point. i can say i like sag but you cant be one
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    Am I the Choosen One?

    looking at your chart there is indeed phycic traits.... just don't joke about such things
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    Am I the Choosen One?

    i ddoupt it for some reason.. prob as your pices and easliy deceived moon in leo 5th hs .. makes me think attention seeker.... acs taurus.. suburn.. so what i say what i say wont make a difference. but i know this is not right as the is only one saviour.. jesus
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    Re: never heard of wolf, to Xibalba I had only heard of wolf in the asociations section of websites but it the idea of being a wolf fits me very well, but to be sure i would need personality traits.
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    thanks, although none of the stages seem to fit me.
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    I did mean the evoloution levels also I have heard of phoenix, so the types are progressive. My decan is scorpio decante scorpio
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    also, I have heard that there are dirent thypes of scorpio. how is this decided if by natal chart could someone tell me what i am.
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    Natal Chart Reading

    yes please you can you to do my extended or norm. birth data 29/october/1991 23:59 born at bournmouth uk
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    Astrology, the Continuum, and Appearance

    I just wear plain clothes as i dont see the point buy expenive clothes which will get trashed by my family. my tases are conflicting somtimes i want simlple classical clothes (which i atribute to scorpio, other times i want to stand out ( Which I atribute to leo).
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    thanks everyone, to answer the question do i feel strong or weak? strong but i worry that is my ego going too high. my home at the moment is quite bad you could Im a introvert in an extravert world. again thank for the help. existence is your only obligation you may pay taxes but you could...
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    I know I am young but I dont feel young, somtimes I feel like an old sage, also i am aware that i not alone; death is certen but no one seems to understand me (the curse of being a scorpio?)
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    sorry about that.. the background to my life is as follows: i lost most of my family such as my dad, my step dad, my grand dad, my grandma. also I have 2 sisters that i have never seen and i was raped when i was 5 by my dad friend.
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    Scorpios and the psychology of revenge

    i only engage in phyical conflicts when i have to or when mars gets the better of me and then i seek revenge in an arien manner, there and then and normaly in self defence. verbal conflicts are my norm.
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    Scorpios and the psychology of revenge

    Me too but I do use revenge alot as i have alrady said, it could be that mars is too strong and i think i have a fixed grand cross.
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    Tattoo's and Piercings

    I want a tattoo or tattoos to symolise who i am astrologicly and for other reasons i'm not sure of, could transformation as i am a heavy scorpio.
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    Could I have reading of my chart please?

    The main point of this thread is to see if why I have had a hard life also to see if my if i have a good/bad strong/weak chart. My chart: http: // I included a link as I do not know how to download thumbnails. [made...
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    For other Scorpios -- What sign do you prefer to date (get involved with)?

    I am astrong scorpio and doble leo moon and asc. i think capricorn goes well with me but i was in love with a fellow scorpio (but it didn't last0 i'm not sure about picses but the discriction works for me. my chart...
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    Which sign your baby would you like to be ?

    heh heh.... my ideal child would sun in pisces ,asc scorpio, moon leo and chiron leo