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  1. BorX

    gall stone

    Fensi88 As adding to the other's explination, you have Lilith, Moon, Saturn, Sun and Neptune all in Libra. Thats to much tension in that sign and it's a powerfull indicator of gall stones. Libra rules bladder too, liver etc. In progression you have POF passing your natal sun. Therefor a sign...
  2. BorX

    Mars Conjunct Chiron in relationship chart

    Hmm... well it goes like this: Let's begin simple: Mars reprezents energy, will, activity, courageous, lust, challanger, motivation, impulsivity, direct, establisment of ego, force, effort etc Chiron reprezents help, teaching, healing, understanding, scientist, experience, love, wisdom...
  3. BorX


    I would wish to add in what Pisceskitty said :) Sappho reprezents one's interest of the deeper aspects of life. It show's great curiosity in many different subjects, but usualy borness occurs and you leave things unfinished, because your searching for something better. It show's some of your...
  4. BorX

    Feeling Down
  5. BorX

    Feeling Down

    Thanks for the compliments Shining Ray, but i'm not that good really, i'm just grateful I can help.:) I was thinking of a sabian symbol for this, and here's what I found. ( sabian oracle ) Aries 27 27__(27°) THROUGH IMAGINATION, A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED Beginning of mental maturity...
  6. BorX

    Feeling Down

    Hey Shining Ray :) You don't need to see whats causing it, you need to get rid of it. In tranzit, your having South Node over North Node and North Node over South node, this means your forced to change things in life, and the Nodes swithching places usualy causes lot's of tension. Also...
  7. BorX

    fears and insecurities around my mental abilities and communication with others

    Yes that's the oppostition I was talking about. Also that aspect is intensified by it's conjunctions too. From my view, you got great friends and your friendly too, but not all are need to be trusted. Some have two faces, also I see hidden people with lot's of envy on you, some might bring...
  8. BorX

    Grand Cross questions

    Grand crosses reprezents a problem and lesson in life which it must be learn. It's stressful, but gives you great experience and personal evolution if you try to handle it. I believe I talked the karmical predispositions about grand crosses ( mystic squares ) with Shining Ray ( Miss Saturn )...
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    Asteroids and other astrological significators

    Hey Frisiangal! :) Davida it's not commonly used, it's very minor and very few studied it, but that doesn't stop us astrologers for finding an influence on it, it's on the cosmos and it means something. Davida it's an asteroids that reprezents lack of stability in affairs, gives frustation...
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    Just another FlashChat conversation.

    Here is a funny conversation with me, Tikana and Sorehearted. Some parts were removed, the boring and non-fun replies. The parts whit " ... " are the big replies removed. ................. [BorX] 9:31 pm: Us leos search true loves :D ... [sorehearted] 9:31 pm: Leo is the dater of the zodiac...
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    September 11, 2001

    I do not wish to get involved in such astrological de-coding, cause US have many dark secrets.
  12. BorX

    Out of Sign Aspects

    When planets are in trine aspect, this means one is in harmony with another. The energy between them goes easy. Looking at your chart, the trine is there no matter what, i'm using tight orb's too ( so called smart aspects ). I don't care if their out of sign or not, trine is there and the...
  13. BorX

    September 11, 2001

    Nice interpretations everybody.:cool: Although this topic is old, I just saw it today and wanted to share some of my insights as well. I done some studiez on disasters, wars, calamities etc. Using mid-points, planetary cycles, fixed stars, sabian symbols, pin-point prediction etc are good...
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    As far as I studied. -Lilith in 10th house with Sun gives envy from others. -Mars ( Domicile ) with Venus conjuncting South Nodes gives envy from others. -Juno Rx gives envy from others. It atracts my atention, because it's not a good reason for other to be envious ( or to say, envy never...
  15. BorX

    fears and insecurities around my mental abilities and communication with others

    Hey DainBramaged, guess what, your 8 days distance than me ( I was born in 14 july 1989 ) There's nothing to fear of, your opposition between Mercury/Jupiter and Saturn/Uranus/Neptune is saved by Moon, making a mediator configuration, making a right-angled triangle. Mediator configurations...
  16. BorX

    did x break up with Y?

    So does this mean I did wrong in my interpretation.:confused: :confused: ( my answer was right on a bad VOC Moon ) It's a posibility to have break apart. But inside him, I see he still longing to her a lot.
  17. BorX

    Jupiter in Sagittarius

    You got that right :cool: :D , Jupiter will be on my 5th house when it comes to Sagitaurus. In a Mundane way can show exposing the corrupted and justice will come.
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    Other cosmic objects in dignities & debilities

    Hey Light:) ( ermm, your link has expired, but doesnt matter cause I visited that site before ) Indeed I was hoping someone would point that Chiron rules Virgo. But let me explain, let's start with mythology. " All the Myths of Chiron say he was a centaur (Half man and half horse). He...
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    Other cosmic objects in dignities & debilities

    Although it's not so important as the planets, i've created this thread to show a list of other celestial objects in thier dignity and debility. These objects have thier own position of rulership, but that doesn't mean it's the real ruler, it's just an afinity of domicile, because the planets...
  20. BorX

    Saturn in Cancer & Water Retention

    Hey Nackie Saturn in water sign gives water retention, Moon in Taurus can give thyroid disorder that afects the kidney to acumulate extra in the body. My mother had water retention because she had Saturn in water sign ( Scorpio ). She cured it by eating honey ( 3 spoons every day, morning...