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  1. Samantha Bean

    So...Pluto has been conjunct my Vertex for 3 months now and NOTHING has happened. What gives?

    The Vertex is a contrived point. It has no energy of itself. Pluto has no need to interact with a point, nor see any difference between it and Black moon lilith, for example, which is just a point in the orbit of the Moon. If Pluto was interacting with a body with some energy, even the...
  2. Samantha Bean

    Depressed, stressed and fed up by it’s every meaning

    I suffered the same as you. So I pursued a professional degree in counseling, and got a job assisting children like me. I’m long retired from that, but i did it for 35 years, and I learned that I was not alone, or that my situation was even especially bad compared to the group. I hav e...
  3. Samantha Bean

    Are there any Indicators of a Lack of Intelligence in my Chart?

    Define “lack of intelligence”. Is there a way to determine your IQ on an astrology chart? NO. Is there a way to determine if you are a polymath? NO.
  4. Samantha Bean

    Barack Obama

    As to the “birth certificate: The birth certificate alleges Obama was born in the Republic of Kenya in 1961, despite the Republic of Kenya not being founded until December 12, 1964. The faux Kenyan certificate also contained a seal which read South Australia, further affirming its lack of...
  5. Samantha Bean

    Barack Obama

    You gotta worry about people who are willing to lie with false information. Malik Obama does not lkive in a hut. He’s college educated, and is a politician in his local town.
  6. Samantha Bean

    Who is a Russian asset?

    What does any of this have to do with Waybread’s initial post?
  7. Samantha Bean

    smaller forum

    Huh? Just copied this:
  8. Samantha Bean

    smaller forum

    Clearly you are NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. It most certainly does not get dark when the sun goes down. It goes through several periods of twilight, and if the moon comes out it never gets particularly dark at all. And even when there is no moon, its only dark to our eyes, but to even a 20 second...
  9. Samantha Bean

    smaller forum

    BUT where would I start it except in chat where my political views are not the view of the community, or so it says. I could have tried “Read My chart”, but I suspect it would have been moved to chat.
  10. Samantha Bean

    smaller forum

    This would be a much smaller forum if the owner was to eliminate all the non-astrology discussion. Downsize!
  11. Samantha Bean


    Are you looking for an electional chart for surgery?
  12. Samantha Bean

    Relocation and places to avoid

    Here’s a list of the stuff of houses. Tell me which of these areas you wish to have augmented, and which of these areas you will tolerate being lessened. I also need your birth data and where you are living now. You can send me this by PM if you don’t want the world to know. Spain is as fr...
  13. Samantha Bean

    Will I obtain my PhD? + some questions/general interest

    No you are telling the OP things that are your own personal viewpoint and claiming that your view is the only right one. You do this constantly on nearly every thread you post in. Your view is not the only right one.
  14. Samantha Bean

    Relocation and places to avoid

    I don’t use astrocartography, but if you are moving, I can surely tell you some better places than others. But you have to tell me what part of your life you want to see improved and what part you will accept to be less. its one pie. You can’t make everything bigger.
  15. Samantha Bean

    So what is the purpose of traditional astrology in today’s world?

    This is incorrect. Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, while most often identified as a modern Horary Astrologer of the 20th century, is still a modern astrologer. Much of her writings are about making predictions of events. Noel Tyl is even more modern and he made lots of predictions of events and...
  16. Samantha Bean

    Will I obtain my PhD? + some questions/general interest

    Blackberry’s view is his or her’s own. There is no standard view of horary that everyone believes in. I represent the view of Modern Horary astrology, most thoroughly represented by 20th century astrologer Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, author of SIMPLIFIED HORARY ASTROLOGY, and much other...
  17. Samantha Bean

    Will I obtain my PhD? + some questions/general interest

    Horary doesn’t work for questions which you have largely the control over. You cannot second guess yourself. Whether you finish your PhD is largely dependent on whether you are willing to put in the time and energy in a timely fashion. It's not dependent on unknown action of another person or...
  18. Samantha Bean

    Taurus & aquarius risings the ugliest

    YOU NEED TO BROADEN your selection. What you say is just plain false, and it has a name. Astrological bigotry.
  19. Samantha Bean

    What is the truth about Uranus?

    You can have a partnership when you work at having one. Prince Charming is not going to visit your apartment and tell you that he has arrived FOR YOU.
  20. Samantha Bean

    Sun in 6th house

    This is one of many many presentations: