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    T square as well as another difficult square aspect interpertation

    I am looking at the chart of a friend that has trouble with being honest and as such is on a very self-sabotaging road. I am aware the chart as a whole is interconnected and so this holistic whole should be seen as an entire painting of what is. However some of the placements I've boiled it down...
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    Synastry - Relationship ponderings

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    Higher education - Natal chart

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    Retrograde natal placements and retrograde transits

    I am but a novice astrologer and I was wondering what the thoughts of others are regarding this topic. For example if we would ignore the house, sign and all the aspects made to mercury in this instance. And just look at whether it's direct or retrograde. let's say mercury is retrograde in the...
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    Future in this relationship? (composite)

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    Direct True node in an intercepted sign

    When searching for the meaning of a direct true node there is very limited information to be found. A lot of people don't attribute any major difference in how this particular energy manifests itsself compared to retrogade. However I believe everything has meaning, especially if something...
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    My dominant element?

    On certain websites it says im water dominant. In others they (I suspect) count the MC and Asc more heavily and it informs me that I am fire dominant. Could anyone share some opinions and perhaps some clarity? :innocent: Thanks in advance VL
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    Hey everyone, I have my sun which is in the 2nd house and virgo and saturn which is in the 8th house and pisces both squaring my moon which is in my 5th house in sagittarius. I've pretty much read all that I could find on the internet about these 2 aspects however the thing that interests me...
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    General direction and difficulties with life.

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    Pars fortunae, south node and (asteroid) lilith

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    A couple of questions about asteroids

    How much do asteroids matter in conjunct with each other. I know with planets like the sun or venus they depending on the type of asteroid can have a lot of impact, or if the asteroid conjuncts with a ac, mc , north node etc it can have a lot of impact. So I was wondering what kind of impact...
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    can someone please look at my progressions chart (kite)

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    I feel change in the air (newbie)

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    A "general" reading if you don't mind.

    I'm new to astrology and I'm fascinated by it. I'm taking my own steps in learning how to decipher it all. But I was wondering if any one, whoever you are, wants to read my chart. If there are no takers there is no harm. I'm not looking for any specific reading. I just want to find out more...