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  1. QuaternityEagle

    Clinically Diagnosed Violent Narcissist

    Here I have the anonymized chart of a clinically diagnosed narcissist. I invite everyone to take a look and of course, this can lead to an open-ended discussion about what people think of the chart, and how it might be the chart of a Narcissist. Please, though if you don't mind, read this...
  2. QuaternityEagle

    What's the Weirdest/Most Unique Thing About Your Chart (and why)?

    Mine is that I have no aspect between my sun and moon. So random...!
  3. QuaternityEagle

    Hi, Hello, Hey

    It's cool to be on here. What a place. Astrologers unite! I have been studying astrology for 20 years now, like modern better than traditional. I was introduced to it by my mother.