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  1. skye

    Unlucky in love

    I think your going to be fine honestly. You do need to spend some time figuring out what you like and don't like in a relationship, so your going to need to get some experience under your belt in different personalities and the character of a person. Because you do not want to get stuck in a bad...
  2. skye

    Venus in 7th House

    Hi, If I can just say something that is just from my own reading and research; so please only take this as an opinion. Venus in 7th house; you want a partner, a partner that is marriage material. It also means your partner is a very attractive person, even though we like to have an attractive...
  3. skye

    I could really use a friend?

    sorry post deleted.
  4. skye

    Past relationships: What signs did you date?

    Leo Asc Pisces Sun Leo Moon Pisces Merc Aquarius Venus Gemini Mars I have fell in love twice in my life, they were both Leos. First Leo had cancer moon, venus in virgo, mars in taurus second leo had libra moon, venus in cancer, mars in leo They broke my...
  5. skye

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I thought this was fun until I received the Hanged Man card :sad: I did ask a question before I entered the forum, but I ******* up and asked two questions; Why hasnt love came into my life, and when will it finally, and not just any love but the permanent sort, but at the same time I was...
  6. skye

    Why does Pisces girl keep doing this?!

    ok, looking at her chart the first thing that popped out at me is her moon in the 12th house. Please take everything I say lightly and do some research, cuz im only going off of experience and what I have studied myself. I am not looking anything up in her chart also, Im just going off the...
  7. skye

    Why does Pisces girl keep doing this?!

    Im a Pisces, who attracts and dates many Leos. It might have something to do with the fact I have moon&Asc in Leo. Anyways, A fish swims away as a defense mechanism, its an instant reaction, we just do it. Whether, you hurt her feelings or shes pouting about something else, she is swimming...
  8. skye

    Married, but no husband? have given me a lot to research on (i luv it). I am glad to be helped by such great knowledge, I believe in free will, and it sounds like you are spiritual also. I have a lot to take in and look over here. Thank You!
  9. skye

    Married, but no husband?

    lol I hope that I did answer your question right...maybe if I also said, from what I been told by astrologers in my area; my chart shows I was married to the father of my children, since we never were legally married, I was told its an astrological marriage? I have been told I have marriage...
  10. skye

    Married, but no husband?

  11. skye

    Married, but no husband?

    Re: Marriage may not the NN path for this lifetime The first response in my forum above from Pagan, brought tears to my just made me crack up laughing (at myself, no offense) because you make such a good point! A real eye opener to my way of thinking. Thank you
  12. skye

    Married, but no husband?

    I want to thank you for taking the time to write all that out. It did "deeply" touch my heart, and I think I will always refer back to your response, in fact I know I will. You are so right on, like you were looking into my soul. Thank you
  13. skye

    Married, but no husband?

    Hi, is there anyone who can help me understand my chart? I have studied my chart to get to know myself better, I HAVE BEEN TO ASTROLOGERS to get a professional reading...I am always told there is a husband in the works lol. I have been astrologically married (i guess) but not physically or...
  14. skye

    Create a bumbersticker for your moon sign

    "Cant see you at the moment...busy looking at myself in the mirror" Leo Moon :biggrin: and thats a leo smile for ya!
  15. skye

    For your eyes only

    the sight is truely beautiful, creative, and ingenious of course, nothing else like it. sorry skye isnt my real name lol (between us). so who is the cheesy one now. i chose it cuz i have always looked to the sky wondering, thinking, praying. when times get me down i always chose to keep...
  16. skye

    For your eyes only

    haha thanx, and so true...with a good heart and only my best intentions forthcoming.
  17. skye

    For your eyes only

    Haha Thanx so much for taking an interest lol. I always ask when someones birhtday is mostly when theres a connection? It makes me curious, because that is what astrology does...connects us in some way or another.
  18. skye

    For your eyes only name is Skye and I am a serious astrology junkie. I love astrology, reading it , learning about it, talking about it..whatever. Its hard though because, do u ever think of it as still something taboo. I strongly believe in it, and I dont open up to people regarding it, until a crisis...