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  1. haidee

    Lilly's behavior ruler?

    I was using AstroFox... And there's something called Lilly's behavior ruler, but I can't find anything about it. Does anyone know what it is? And if it is exactly what it says... The planet who has the upperhand on how you'd behave (this is a guess btw.) - how would that differ from your...
  2. haidee

    Is she lying?

    ....Deleted, but letting the chart stay. * - Chart's not radical: Moon via. Combusta. - I'm in a Cadent house: I didn't do anything. I had already provided her with useful information, and the friendship was already "separating". - Mercury RX: I wasn't thinking clearly at the time. (Affected...
  3. haidee

    Chiron as part of a Grand Cross? (Quick question)

    (I don't know which section to put this in, sorry) Would you approve of Chiron being a part of a Grand Cross in a natal chart? Or would you ignore it because it's not a personal planet? Just trying to figure if the T-square in my natal chart is actually a Grand Cross.
  4. haidee

    Leo AC + Sun in 12th ?

    I'm trying to interpret my own SR chart since my birthday is coming up in less than a month, but somehow I find it difficult to understand this. (Geez, brain :annoyed: ) I got this far: I'll feel the "Leo vibe", an urge to be expressive, but it won't show since the ruler is in the 12th house...
  5. haidee

    Indications of a weak heart + positive aspects

    Edit: Due to some reasons I don't need any other perspective on the matter. But thanks for stopping by! :happy: Have a nice day~ Explanation and charts removed. Questions were: #1: What in the natal chart indicates the person having a weak heart/failure/cancer/etc? #2: Is there anything in the...
  6. haidee

    What makes a planet strong/weak

    It's something I've wondered about now that I've seen some threads asking for dominant planets, what planets are the 'strongest' and others replying with saying this and that planet is weak/strong etc. But how can you tell? Is it a certain stressful aspect? Certain aspects to some planets? Where...
  7. haidee

    Experiences with Pr.Moon in Scorpio??

    So my Progressed Moon is less than ½ degree from shifting its position in Libra to Scorpio in my 2nd house but my 3rd house cusp Scorpio at 1 degree. I started looking at a few sites as to what this progression may mean, and according to Cafeastrology I will feel the need for something powerful...
  8. haidee

    Eros square Mars

    Does anyone know what this aspect means? I'm a little confused and can't seem to find anything about this anywhere. I also have Eros quintile Pluto, if you happen to know what that could indicate as well. Thank you. :)
  9. haidee

    Dominant sign?

    Hello everyone. I once read about 'finding your dominant sign' on a random astrology blog, which could be found on by selecting the "Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen" Apparently, according to the chart I have Capricorn as my no.1 dominant sign, but I only have Jupiter and...
  10. haidee

    10th house interpretation and job?

    Hi. :sideways: I was wondering if anyone would try to interpret what career paths I have considered by looking at my chart, and maybe also tell me what would suit me? I tend to read my chart over and over, lol, the 4 planets in my 10th house confuses me...So I would like to know other people's...
  11. haidee

    *shakes hands* Pleased to meet you!

    Hello everyone. :lol: My name is Heidi and I'm from Denmark. The last year or so I've been really into astrology and have tried to figure my chart out, and also checked out some of my friends' charts. Since I don't have that many people in my life, who're interested in astrology, I thought it...