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  1. The Ram

    Moon in SR chart conjunct natal moon

    Imo it might mean a new beginning of some sort in moon related things and maybe a special kind of alignment where the emotional nature of the person is rebooted in that year. Perhaps even a time where the true self emerges. Just a guess. Any thoughts on this?
  2. The Ram

    Pollution is giving otters a complex This would also account for why in general men are less masculine than they used to be.
  3. The Ram

    Kidnapped Ethiopian girl saved by a group of lions Great story. :lol: @ ppl...
  4. The Ram

    Lilith conjunct or parallel Saturn

  5. The Ram

    Eating a Tarot deck

    Started doing this a few months ago. Figured it would be a fairly easy way to augment my magickal abilities. I chose the Tarot of Marseilles and I have to say this has been an effective spell so far. Lucky for me the best is also yet to come, since I have cups, wands, court and trump cards...
  6. The Ram

    Preferred house systems

    My favorite is Placidus. I find it to be the most accurate for my chart and others. My next favorite would be equal signs, while not as accurate as placidus overall, I find some of the equal signs descriptions fit me better.
  7. The Ram

    Video Game Thread

    Figured I'd start this for me and the fellow gamers here. I've always liked them, but my 5th house (house of recreation) is by far my strongest house. Games I recently bought and have been playing: 360 Halo 4 Witcher 2 Ps3 Twisted Metal Nino Kuni Wrath of the white Witch Resistance 3 Shadow...
  8. The Ram

    Selena The white Moon

    Anyone else here use this? You can find it on Solar fire gold also displays it.
  9. The Ram

    The earth in astrology

    Anyone here have any opinions on this? What it represents? Just incase anyone reading this doesn't know the earth is always exactly opposite the sun.
  10. The Ram

    Curious about my karma

    Hi, kinda new to vedic astrology. I practise western astrology moreso, but I'm wondering if the vedic approach can give me new perspective on my karma and souls past lives. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  11. The Ram

    15x or 24th harmonic aspects

    Thoughts on these? Im talking about 15, 45, 75, 105, 135, 165 degree aspects. I for one find them really useful, in general I tend to give them about half the power as the 30x aspects, though some such as the 45 deg semisquare and 165 deg quindecile I give a high level of importance. For...
  12. The Ram

    Child torturer brought to justice Yay!!! It would have been a real travesty if this slime only served a measly 20 year sentence for torturing a child (until death) for a month straight. Thankfully his fellow inmates took matters into their own...
  13. The Ram

    Grigori Efimovich Novyky Rasputin Here's a person that has always interested me. A person who gets a bad rap from history, being portrayed as the bad guy. When in reality this man was a powerful healer who came from a simple peasants background. The real bad guys in this story were...
  14. The Ram

    Anyone here into numerology? Any ideas on what birth time would represent?

    Just recently found out my real birth time and this number has me kind of curious. I can't seem to find any info on it online, I'd think it'd be an important number, say for instance 2 ppl on born on the same date and share the same name (most likely having more common names), how else would...
  15. The Ram

    The Quindecile By Richenda Reeves

    She's a student of Noel Tyes. I'm thinking of buying this, since I have a
  16. The Ram

    Harsh aspects becoming easier

    Say a quincunx between planets in Scorpio and planets in Aries, normally a quincunx is a tricky aspect due to the signs having little in common. But these signs have the same ruling planets and have a lot in common... so would that make this dificult aspect easier, since it gives a common bond...
  17. The Ram

    Compensating for a weak Jupiter

  18. The Ram

    Interesting list of various occult themed asteroids Really cool stuff, there's descriptions for lot's of them. I've been looking these up for over an hour now.
  19. The Ram

    Hygeia in aspect to Psyche

    . My view is that since Psyche represents psychic awareness and Hygeia represents health is that aspects between them could indicate psychic healing powers. Also I think this suggests that the person would have an intuitive ability to sense when something is out of balance health wise with...