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  1. ArtMuse

    Libra/Scorpio Cusp...

    Hmm. I would love some responses and insight regarding relationships...I'm posting a second version of my chart. Is there someone out there who would be kind enough to at least respond with, "Hi"...? lol Thanks for your time and attention!
  2. ArtMuse

    Libra/Scorp cusp

    Hello ~ Would love some new perspectives/insights. What can someone tell me, something different? Any positive and encourament relating to ...relating? ...or share something you see that might offset Venus in Scorpio, Saturn exalted in Libra, Libra Fall..? Thank you ahead of time!
  3. ArtMuse

    Hello! Libra Scorpio Cusp here ~

    Hi forum members; There didn't seem to be a way to 'continue', only the option to post a 'new' thread, so here we go. This is a vast community! I look forward to exploring all that you have to offer, and hopefully, building new relationships. Thanks for being here!