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  1. Marinka

    Coronavirus and astrology

    My work uses Jupiter through Pluto including Chiron extensively. I use Chiron rulership over Virgo as well as Uranus/Aquarius, Pluto/Scorpio, and Neptune/Pisces. I have been researching what works with Libra .. Sedna, Ceres - there are a few that fit.
  2. Marinka

    Coronavirus and astrology

    While I can see the correlation and I have identified many situations, it still needs more research going back over specific configurations and researching what occurred at different times. All this should be done before it is discussed so evidence can be cited. FYI -- I have noted it as a...
  3. Marinka

    Coronavirus and astrology

    In answer to the question as to whether there is a correlation between the current astrological configurations and the pandemic - the quick answer is yes. In writing Volume II of my book on the 2020 Presidential Elections I happened to literally fall into it. Still researching it but, it seems...
  4. Marinka

    My new Book on 2018 Senate elections is available

    My new book, USA 2018 Senate Elections: Astrological Probabilities is available on Amazon.
  5. Marinka

    2016 Book on the Presidential Elections is free on Kindle (today only).

    My new book is coming out soon (2018 elections) and to generate some advance interest, I have put my 2016 book (USA 2016 Presidential Candidates: Astrological Profiles, Paths, & Predictions) onto Kindle and it is "free" for today only. Enjoy...
  6. Marinka

    Really need your help!

    I would be very careful about giving credence to any "readings" from people that are not identifying what they are seeing (angles/placements) and how that leads to how they interpret that.
  7. Marinka

    Synopsis of this Forum

    This is probably not the right forum to expect reasonable and thoughtful answers from however, this is affecting more than just this astrology forum, so any forum that you visit will likely have the same symptoms to a varying degree. The administrator on this forum is decent but, it's hard to...
  8. Marinka

    Donald Trump demise?

    If you are concerned with the election results and whether there is anything that can change the path -- there is a page or two in my book that discusses this. This thread has the link to the book --
  9. Marinka

    New astrology book on Amazon - USA 2016 Presidential Candidates

    Link to book on Amazon --
  10. Marinka

    A kid born in early 60's learns astrology from a Traditionalist

    Yes, I agree with your mom about that aspect - it is beyond squares, conjunctions, and oppositions. I call it the "break and adjust" - it breaks you from the path you are on and once you stabilize and think you are OK, it causes another adjustment. In my test charts, it shows up with major...
  11. Marinka

    A kid born in early 60's learns astrology from a Traditionalist

    I'm so sorry to see that this thread is being deleted rather than moved. I didn't want to comment since it was in Trad but this particular aspect happens to be one of my favorites (for lack of a better word). I love the nuance that it brings from Virgo/Chiron and Scorpio/Pluto vibes.
  12. Marinka

    Negative energy emanating from a toxic parent

    Transiting Saturn is currently opposing your Mars - very frustrating as this is activating the yod. That frustration is showing up in how you are dealing with matters. This will pass when this transit moves on ...
  13. Marinka

    Negative energy emanating from a toxic parent

    The chart has Neptune in a tight opposition with the ascendant as one interesting configuration and Neptune as the focal point in a yod with Mars and Jupiter as a secondary. With this, I agree with Retinoid, there may be some distortion/confusion on the facts.
  14. Marinka

    Void of course Moon in Medical Horary Astrology

    Again and to reaffirm, the moon is VOC so no events will be forthcoming pertaining to your question. The aspect being made to the MID is not removing the VOC circumstance, it simply indicates to me that the path could be changing for your situation. To make it simpler, nothing will progress...
  15. Marinka

    Void of course Moon in Medical Horary Astrology

    You're correct that the Moon is VOC and that means no events towards your question with the current circumstance but, the moon does have an aspect to the MID which I designate as "Status". The aspect is an inconjunct indicating a "break and adjust". I interpret this that the current meds are...
  16. Marinka

    How do I ask roommate questions clearly?

    What is suitable in a roommate? What you might think is suitable might not be agreeable to someone else. IMO, this leads to errors in interpretation. Might I suggest that you define what would be the most important characteristic for a roommate. Is it being safe? Maybe having them pay on...
  17. Marinka

    Do I have a psychic predisposition and can I develop this?

    I notice that transiting Neptune will be moving to trine Jupiter and in opposition to Vertex at about 9 degrees of Pisces. This would appear to be some type of awareness stage occurring in your life.
  18. Marinka

    What stands out in my chart?

    The chart is a bit hard to read and as a result, would take longer to examine. Take a look at the type of charts other people have posted in the "Read My Chart" area and you might want to consider posting a similar chart.
  19. Marinka

    Ideal chart to buy cellphone

    Thanks for the update !
  20. Marinka

    Saturn square Neptune – where do I have to be careful?

    Hmmm ... I must be missing it (didn't have my morning coffee yet) - what Saturn square Neptune aspect as you talking about? I see that transiting Saturn will be conjuncting your natal Neptune in the nex year or so. Also, what birth time was used to generate the chart. It's important to know...