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  1. Samantha Bean

    smaller forum

    This would be a much smaller forum if the owner was to eliminate all the non-astrology discussion. Downsize!
  2. Samantha Bean

    the internet

  3. Samantha Bean

    Long Term Analysis for FREE

    I know someone who provides long term analysis of your chart for FREE. I was very impressed with his work, and started recommending everyone to him, and he asked me to stop doing that because, since he was/is doing it free, he was getting inundated. And so he has asked me to share what kind...
  4. Samantha Bean

    Asteroids and Mental Health Issues

  5. Samantha Bean

    Long Life from the Modern Side

    DS asked whether astrology could predict a long life, but it was asked in the Traditional Forum. And of course, asked there, asteroids could not even be mentioned. In Noel Tyl's book on health, I noted that the position and placement of Dark Moon Lilith seems to have an impact on long life...
  6. Samantha Bean

    Recommend book

    Can anyone rec a good starter book for people who know next to nothing?