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  1. kaktuzz

    For Spanish speaking astrologers - Astro-Seek is now available in Spanish language

    For Spanish speaking astrologers - I'm proud to announce, that Astro-Seek is now available also in Spanish language :) === Página principal: Cartas astrológicas: Carta natal: Horóscopo de...
  2. kaktuzz

    Reversing of birth chart - Finding date, time and place of birth from chart

    Hello, I have been interested in this topic and tried to create an online calculator for reversing birth chart placements into date, time and place of birth. It seems, that it finally started working, but there is a big issue with "data input accuracy". It's necessary to input positions in...
  3. kaktuzz

    Personal Daily Horoscope - New online service - I would appreciate your feedback

    Hi I just launched personal daily horoscope (based on daily transits of fast planets Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars): and I would appreciate some opinions and feedbacks: 1) Aspects orbs - There is an option (in extended settings) to set an...
  4. kaktuzz

    Chart Dominants and Signature Sign - Online Calculator

    Hello, I recently redesigned and updated dominants calculator and there are some new options: 1) Dominant Planets - Option to apply/exclude rulerships into countings - Option to apply/exclude planetary ascpects into...
  5. kaktuzz

    Calcolo Tema Natale, Oroscopi Gratuiti - Astrology charts in Italian language

    Ciao! :) I'm happy to announce that (the most of) astrology website has been translated into Italian language. I cooperated with Italian native astro friend; however I don't speak Italian much and the amount of the translations was really HUGE - so there might be some grammar...
  6. kaktuzz

    Two different house systems simultaneously in natal chart. I would appreciate graphic

    Hi, I'm trying to create a natal chart in simultaneously two different house systems. I tried few graphic options and ended up with these 3 possible V1, V2, V3 variants. Could you please share your opinios, which variant is the most easy/clear to read for you? (I'm looking at a computer screen...
  7. kaktuzz

    Full/New Moons 2018 - Conjuncts & Transits in Natal chart, Online calculator

    Hi, I created new online calculator, which calculates /Full Moons/New Moons/Stationary planets/ in any particular year ... and compares them with your Natal chart: Full/New Moons 2018 - transits in Natal houses - conjunctions with...
  8. kaktuzz

    Midpoint online calculator - Applied Cosmobiology by Reinhold Ebertin

    Hi, I updated midpoint online calculator and there is a new option which calculates and groups midpoints according to Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable Signs. It's based on using 8th harmonic based calculations, arranged in a traditional and novel manner (Applied Cosmobiology by Reinhold Ebertin)...
  9. kaktuzz

    Traditional astrology chart - Online calculator

    Hello, I'm new to traditional astrology. It's absolutely new brand of astrology for me - I just recently downloaded Morinus software and it gave me some inspiration to create free online calculator adjusted for traditional astrology:
  10. kaktuzz

    Free online birth time rectification calculator

    Free online birth time rectification calculator (Primary directions) Hi, I tried to make an astrology tool for birth time rectification : Rectification is based on Zodiacal primary directions with several options at...
  11. kaktuzz


    Hello, I'm new to this forum and would like to say hi :) Sun in Taurus (9th house) / Moon in Aries (8th house) / Virgo Ascendant Petr
  12. kaktuzz

    New website with online astro calculations and astro database

    New astrology website - Free astro charts and online horoscopes Hello, I would like to introduce new astrology website with free astrology charts and astro calculations such as: birth chart, synastry compatibility, composite chart, transits, progressions, revolutions, ingresses...