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  1. espi3479

    Interperting Chart

    So i really want to know more about vedic astrology. I have a modified image of my chart (sidereal ) What does it mean??!!
  2. espi3479

    Anyone else hate these?

    If u have a social media site u might have seen these pictures. I happen to find them inaccurate and misleading. Any thoughts ?
  3. espi3479

    Venus IN Capricorn

    Would venus in Capricorn make you too controlling in relationships?
  4. espi3479


    what is the significance of midpoints?
  5. espi3479

    Should i stay or go?

    horary question. Should i stay with my boyfriend or not??
  6. espi3479

    Saturn square Moon synastry

    I found this article on this aspect and it was pretty spot on! .. In synastry my boyfriend I have this. Me being the Saturn (Aries R) and him being the moon (Capricorn).He also has the moon square Saturn in...
  7. espi3479

    Neptune conjunct moon transit 😔

    anyone got any info or shared experiences here? Could this transit make me feel confused? But confused emotionally? Like sometimes i just dont know what i want in some aspects of my life right now. Its weird cause most of the time i can decide with out any hesitation at all! But lately its been...
  8. espi3479

    Boyfriends chart!

    He defiantly screams leo asc! Like holy moley.. With his bml conjunct his asc gives him like this dark demeanour to him ive noticed. He defiantly has a strong persona! Not to mention his over abundance in the fifth house. He is the life of the party i swear. He likes to be doing something all...
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    Okay recently I was on trying to find my most dominate planets. And it told me Mars was my most dominate followed by Venus then Neptune. Now my question is, can a planet conjunct a house cusp? Because it said that Mars conjuncted my second house. My Mars is near the cusp of the 2nd but...
  10. espi3479

    Chart reading

    Can anyone read this chart
  11. espi3479

    Sun square North Node

    What would it mean having the Sun and North Node in a hard aspect.? Mine: sun in Sagittarius in the 1st house And North Node in Virgo in the 9th house
  12. espi3479

    Transit reading

    Ive added some asteroids . But could anyone read my transits ?
  13. espi3479

    Kate Gosselin Birth Chart

    I was just watching an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8, and it got me thinking about her chart. It says , "Gosselin, who knew she was unable to conceive due to polycystic ovary syndrome, began fertility treatments soon after she and Jon wed. She underwent intrauterine insemination...
  14. espi3479

    Synastry chart reading

    Can anyone take a crack on reading my synastry reading with my boyfriend?. . .Im the inside and he is the outer ring. If needing any other info contact me .
  15. espi3479

    Venus Trine Black Moon Lilith

    What would it mean to have this aspect in a chart? I have this. My Venus in 26 degrees in Capricorn and my Black Moon Lilith is in 29 degrees Virgo.
  16. espi3479

    Lilith conjunct Eros synastry

    Can someone fill me in on what this aspect (1181 lilith , Eros) indicates and how it would play out in a relationship. Couldn't find much on the internet. Thanks!
  17. espi3479

    Chart Reading

    Anything stick out to you?'
  18. espi3479

    Chart reading

    Can someone read my chart. Anything interesting stick out? Thanks .
  19. espi3479


    I have been trying to understand the lilith more and how it affects ones chart by placement and aspects. If anyone could give me a bit more knowledge on this that would be great. :) I've noticed my Lilith conjuncts my Eros, Part of Fortune, and Juno Trines my Pallas, Neptune, and...
  20. espi3479

    Can Someone Read My Friends Chart?

    Can anyone read his chart. Would like to know more about him.