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  1. the_virgo

    funny or feiry ?????

    Funny type or feiry type will be my future spouse??? If any one can read my chart would be so thankful.😇 My Natal chart.
  2. the_virgo

    Where and how I will meet my future spouse????

    Help plz!!! Hello all! I want to know the personality of my future spouse/husband and more about him if you guys help me?? Plz! My Natal chart.
  3. the_virgo

    Has he still my pictures or deleted it?

    I deleted all his pictures as we broke up but now feeling regret to deleted his pictures but I'm wondering if he still has my pictures, I asked "Has he still my pictures or deleted it?" He is Jupiter in my pictures house and my pictures ruler in 7th ( him) is it mean yes he has still? Venus (...
  4. the_virgo

    Has he moved on???

    Hello all! Just wanted to know if my ex moved on ?or still have feelings for me? Plz if someone can read my chart. Thanks! pix image
  5. the_virgo

    Has my future husband tattoos?

    Hi! Has my future husband tattoos on his any part of body ( head to foot) ??? What is natural hose or planet for tatoos? Thanks! photo upload on internet
  6. the_virgo

    Will she buy my designs?

    Hello guys! I just got offer from someone today she want to buy my clothing designs or want me to work for them as a fashion designer. My question is Will she buy my designs or will I get opportunity to work for them? Venus (the natural ruler of clothing designs) retrograde I don't think its...
  7. the_virgo

    Where is he right now?

    Where is my future husband right now? In which country? His is Capricorn the ruler Saturn should I look at Capricorn countries? Saturn is Sagittarius , Sagittarius countries? Saturn is 6th house and 6th house ruled by Virgo, Virgo countries? Saturn is in his 12 house and 12th house ruled by...
  8. the_virgo

    Did he get away bcz of my decision?

    Did he get away bcz of my decision?or something else? Thanks! upload pictures online
  9. the_virgo

    Did he really love me or fake?

    Hi! Did he (my ex) really love me? Was he really serious? Was he really romantically attracted to me or his love was FAKE? When he broke up he told me he was making me fool but I don't think this true he said that bcz he don't wanted me anymore he lost interest in me so he changed his words...
  10. the_virgo


    Hi, Will he (my ex) follow me on Instagram? Should i look my 3rd house or his 3rd house? upload image online free
  11. the_virgo

    Is he waiting for me to contact him?

    Hello guys! I already asked "will he contact me" in previous threads but this time I just want to know what he thinks about my contact to him so I asked"Is he waiting for me to contact him or Does he want me to contact him first?" I hope my question is not similar to my previous question...
  12. the_virgo

    Will he contact me soon?

    Hello there! Will he contact me soon or maybe late? Hope someone read my chart thanks! image hosting adult
  13. the_virgo

    Will I break up with my future husband before we marry?

    Hello all! I have Mars(my future husband) square me (Venus) in my natal chart is it mean I will break up with my future husband before we marry? What is this square mean? Plz if someone can read my chart! Thanks in advance! Here is my natal chart...
  14. the_virgo

    Did he find someone else?

    Hello! Today I saw he hide/deleted his okcupid account did he find or meet someone else? Thanks in advanced! screen shot on windows
  15. the_virgo

    Does my ex miss me?

    Hello all! Does my ex miss me or think about me? Thanks! 20mb image hosting
  16. the_virgo

    Have I met my future husband?

    Hello all! I have simple questions and very serious to know hope someone will help me! Have I met my future husband? Or I talked? If yes then when and where I met him? Thank you? free picture upload
  17. the_virgo

    Does he still like me?

    Hello all! I met someone on dating site we both like each other so much but he doesn't have much time to talk bcz of his work and its make me so sad. I asked him many times that if we can't go ahead then plz let me know but every time he told me that I'm serious about you but I just don't have...
  18. the_virgo

    Will he become my boyfriend?

    Hello all! Will he become my boyfriend or I'm his girlfriend?if yes then when? Plz someone help me! Thank you in advance!
  19. the_virgo

    Can some one read my Solar returns chart?

    Hello All! Can some one read my Solar returns chart? Is there any chance of love or job in this Solar returns? Moon is in 6th house in sign of 7th and conjunct DC so what is it mean? or is it mean that i will get job with someone i like? Thank you.
  20. the_virgo

    Does He Miss Me?

    Hello All! Can someone plz help me i asked Q Does he miss me? or does he miss my communication? Thank you