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  1. VirgoLife

    Looking at my chart

    Here's a chart with placidus and whole signs, and I wnted to know anything about it like career, future, romance, etc. Just a general observation because there's a whole lot of capricorn. (It's not my chart)
  2. VirgoLife

    Does Vesta in Taurus 2nd house lead to Artistic talents?

    I have Vesta here. Does it make me artistic or good at singing with taurus and the throat? Or about beauty because of venus?
  3. VirgoLife

    Does Vertex count in a stellium?

    I have Vertex, sun and saturn in 6th house virgo, would that count as a stellium?
  4. VirgoLife

    Do Asteroids count in Stelliums and Aspect Patterns?

    I have Chiron, North node, Neptune and true node in Aqua 11th house. Does that count as a stellium even with those asteroids? The true node is not always the same sign as the north node btw. I have the Rectangle Aspect with Chiron, Lilith, Ceres and Pallas. Can I still count asteroids in my...
  5. VirgoLife

    How to find Midpoints?

    How do I find them? Confused. I hear people say they have Venus between their Mercury and Mars midpoint or Sun between the Jupiter/Pluto one. How could I find these midpoints or know where they are there? :sideways:
  6. VirgoLife


    I have a T-Square with Sun, Uranus and Pluto at the apex. Sun and uranus square pluto and sun opposite uranus. Uranus in Pisces 12th house, Pluto in Sag 10th house, Sun in Virgo 6th house. What does this mean? :lol:
  7. VirgoLife

    Pisces Lagna meaning

    In Western, my asc is Aries and in Vedic it's Pisces, ruled by neptune/jupiter. What does this asc mean in vedic? Does it still bring glamour with neptune or luck with jupiter? Thoughts?
  8. VirgoLife

    Lords of houses in D9 and D10

    So, I've been looking at my Navamsa and Dasamsa charts. In Navamsa, my 1st house lord is in the 9th house. I've been looking online about what it means in the NAVAMSA chart. It just shows for the D1/Rasi chart. In D1, my 1st house lord is in the 10th house. Should I just interpret the houses in...
  9. VirgoLife

    Juno and Lilith

    My Venus, Mercuy and Mars sextile my Juno and Lilith. What does this mean? Mercury, Mars and Venus are in Libra 7th house. Juno and and Lilith are in Sag 9th house and they both conjunct in the 17th degree, which is a fame degree exact. What do these aspects mean and is there a reason for the...
  10. VirgoLife

    Does my Sun and Saturn conjunct my Descendant?

    My sun is in Virgo 22 degrees 6th house and my Saturn is in Virgo 13 degrees 6th house also. My 7th house cusp starts at Libra 8 degrees. Do these count as conjunctions to the Descendant with Opposites to the Asc?
  11. VirgoLife

    Neptune Octile MC and Asc

    I have Neptune Octile Asc and MC, it's 22 degrees in Aqua in the 11th house. Should I just think of it like a square?
  12. VirgoLife

    Apollo and Midas

    I have Midas at 18 degrees Virgo 6th house and my Sun is in Virgo 6th house at 22 degrees, so they conjunct. Next, I have Apollo at 17 degrees (fame degree) Virgo 6th house also conjunct. What do these conjunctions mean? Also Saturn conjuncts both of them bc saturn is 13 degrees virgo 6th house...
  13. VirgoLife


    I have the normal standard Lilith at 17 degrees sag 9th house. My MC is Capricorn and starts at 6 degrees. Would that Lilith conjunct it? Next, I have true Lilith at 29 degrees Scorpio 8th house. I'm sure that conjuncts the 9th house bc it's 1 degree away but it prob doesn't conjunct the MC bc...
  14. VirgoLife

    Jupiter and Pluto Conjunct MC and eachother

    What does Jup and Plu conjunct the MC mean? Jupiter and Pluto both conjunct each other in the 10th house. Jupiter is 12 degrees Cap 10th house and Pluto is in 28 degrees (household name and fame degree) Sag 9th house but, I consider it 10th house because it's closer and matches me more. What...