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    Jupiter opposition Jupiter

    What are your experiences with this transit? Was it significant?
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    Moon conjunct mercury

    What do you think about this aspect? The reason I am asking is because I have in it in the 10th house Leo. I myself interpret it as making your moon very mercurial. Having the qualities of both virgo and gemini
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    North node transit 7th house

    What are your experiences with this transit? I am asking since I know it's about to enter my 7th house and I have north node conjunct descendant natally so I will feel this one heavily
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    Hard Jupiter Aspect

    Since Jupiter is about to oppose my 10th house mercury & moon I would really like to find a good interpretation of what it means. The problem is almost everyone knows what a Jupiter conjunction/sextile/trine means but nobody fully understands what Jupiter does when he is in hard aspect. What do...
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    North node on descendant

    How you would interpret this aspect. I am asking since there aren't many great interpretations on it. I am especially interested since I have south node exactly conjunct my libra ascendant
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    Saturn conjunct Neptune IC

    Saturn is going to conjunct my Neptune that is conjunct the Nadir (2022) It already made a conjunction in spring. What can one expect from this? Transit Jupiter opposition Jupiter/Mars/Sun is also coming in 2022 [please upload a chart to the AW forum or upload a chart to a link site (
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    Sun square Moon

    I heard sun moon contacts are important in a solar return. I have noticed that I have sun square moon in a solar return that is days away. What are your experiences with this aspect
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    Solar Return to Natal

    What does it mean when Solar Return planets conjunct natal planets. Since I have a lot of conjunction from the solar return chart to natal To name some - Solar return Mars conjunct natal Jupiter - Solar return Venus conjunct natal asc - Solar return Moon conjunct natal pluto What do you...
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    I saw that on this year's solar return I have my sun on the descendant. I am curious about people's experiences with this placement Interestingly enough the solar return has more major aspects Neptune conjunct Asc Part of Fortune conjunct Midheaven Solar return moon(in 9th house) conjunct...
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    Venus mercury dasha

    I am finishing up my venus-Saturn Dasha and about to enter venus-mercury. Just interested what are you're experiences with it. I know Dashas act differently depending on the natal chart but still, they all have a similar theme. From what I understand since my mercury is conjunct moon in 10th...
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    Progressed Moon Descendant

    What are your experiences with Progressed moon conjunct Descendant and going into the 7th house. Just recently my progressed moon entered Aries and will conjunct descendant at the end of autumn this year
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    North Node Vertex

    Currently, the transit North Node is 4-5 degrees away from my vertex in the coming months it will conjunct it. Turning exact at the beginning of August. A lot of the time in my life my vertex played an important role in triggering big events. But I don't know what this transit will bring...
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    Navamsa D9 solar return?!

    I think i just found a new technique I tried to do a navamsa solar return and holy hell it was accurate.
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    Jupiter and luck

    I was wondering does Jupiter really bring luck? other than optimism and a feel good attitude?
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    Venus Return in SR

    I have a venus return on my solar return is that significant?
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    Saturn square nodes/asc

    My Saturn will square the nodes and my asc from the 3rd house since I have my NN in the 7th house conjunct descendant. Does transit have any significance?
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    I was wondering are there any indicators in my chart that would suggest success in entrepreneurship?
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    Are Lilith significant?

    Do Black Moon Lilith transits have significant?
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    Node sextile Uranus

    What does North Node sextile Uranus mean? I have it at 0,02 degrees natally
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    NN transits

    Are Lunar Node transits important?. Like for example the North Node entering a new house. I am asking this since my NN is about to enter the 8th house