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    Happy Solstice 2012!

    It has happened and we are still here!
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    Astrologer's methods and empowerments

    I'm interested in what methods astrologers use and what transits have empowered you, as astrologers. Example, at my Uranus Opposition - which lit up my generational (Jupiter)/Uranus opposite Chiron, Squared Neptune T-Square - I suddenly started seeing the whole chart at once, and my method for...
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    Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

    Dawning on me that there are several Pluto in Scorpio posters here who all have Natal Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. And thus Pluto in the Sky is transitting making for an intense decade.
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    Entering 2nd Saturn Return

    Saturn has entered Scorpio, and in a year I will experience my exact 2nd Saturn Return. This has me thinking about my life and 'scope and I find I am interested in experiencing an astrological community.