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    There has always been this dark energy I feel within me what is it?

    Now when I say dark I do mean potential to harm. I am the sweetest person but every since I was a little kid I had this intuitive feeling. On the flip side I do feel like it is for my protection because I do encounter harsh ppl who are messed up.Now be patient with me because I am learning but I...
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    Based on my chart what should I be doing for work now?

    I'm still new but I have been unemployed a whole year. I have a plan to use my income tax to start self employment but even my income tax is delayed. I have Neptune transit my 6th. My last job I had everybody hated me and I was treated unfair . They didn't like me because it was a toxic...
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    Based on my chart what location will I do best in?

    September 12 ,1997 Born at 8:28 am Midland,TX I've always been attracted to California never been. I have tried the astroagraphy calculator, but I find difficult to understand and use [Either attach a birth chart or an astrocartography chart or upload a chart to a link site such as imgur or...
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    Will my 12th house be a issue in regards to my day to day life?

    Born on sep 12,1997 in Midland TX at 8:48 am. I'm a young singleom. I've been working real hard since young. I feel so tired but I have been trying to do my best mentally. I want to know based on my 12th, what's the best way to deal with dad to day tasks? I do find it hard I know it indicates...
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    Based on my chart what should I be doing for work now?

    Born on 9-12-97 at 8:28 am in Midland TX. I have looked into my birth chart. I'm not dumb to it but can you guys help me out? I've had issue with more for the last 2 years. Based on my current transits I can see how. But for some odd reason I'm getting the feeling like maybe the reason why I...
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    Im trying to understand parenting as a young mom? Best way to cope based on chart?

    I know i was not show the ways per sa. I do see it in my chart and I understand ai do have trauma. Im just curious , what is the best way for me to work through them to make sure I at least know how to go about it? Idk my mom got m.s when i was young and gave up on life. Like i didnt know...
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    What acrivities would be best for my 4year old?

    June 19, 2017 Born at 7:57 am in Andrews Tx have play time with her. I do notice that she likes to mix stuff, building as well. Even outdoors. Maybe its just the nature of kids, but its like she cant stick to one thing. Even with me she plays for like 5 min lol. Overall im just curious. I Find...
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    What would describe this intensity I posses that throws others off?

    Sep 12, 1997 8:38 am . Midland Tx.I always have known that I was intense. I feel like I do embody it for a reason. For example I can walk into a room and I know I will either have people who evil eye me( mainly females) ,or Its like they just all notice im in there. I no no means am I tooting my...
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    Anything in my chart that indicates bipolar) mental illness?

    Perhaps its because I have had been hit with so much to the point Where i feel loonie at times?? Lol Sep 12,1997. Birth time 8:28 am. Birth town. Midland Tx [please upload a chart to the AW Forum or upload chart to a link site ( is NOT a link site) and provide the link - Moderator]
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    Based on my birth chart info what job would best fit me?

    My birth info is sep 12, 1997 at 8:28 am midland Tx. I know i have my sixth house in pieces. I pay attention to this especailly with neptune transitioning my house curently. I have plans to have my own business as a spiritual helarer in the future. Before that I was going do a few things im...
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    I feel like a twilight zone with life? Transits?

    I was Born 9/12/97 at 8:20. Midland Tx I know ive had a awakening but im having trouble mentally,parenting,identity crisis. Some days are better but any info in regards to me feeling off? Im new to this site. I reached out because nobody understand s this stuff in my community I have neptune...
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    Im 23 single mom trying to better relationship with daughter through Natal charts?

    I was Born 9/12/97 8:28 am Midland tx She was Born 6/19/17 7:57 am Andrews tx I had her at 19. Ive looked into my transit s and I can see a lot of stress i currently have neptune transit the 6th. Pluto transit my 4th and saturn transit my 5th. Im finding it now to handle her a bit . I dont...
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    Why do i come off as intimidating?

    Ive been studying my birh chart but I juat want more clarity. Sep 12 ,1997 Birth time 8:28 am Born in Texas [please post a birth chart - Moderator]