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    wondering if this is indeed my birth time- why i can't relate to my rising

    Hi i've posted here before some weeks ago. Hope everyone is doing fine! Just wanted to discuss why i can't relate to the optimism, energy & physical appearance of sag rising. Now, i feel more scorpio like- & i'm sure it's because of the scorpio 12th stellium. But why i don't relate to my...
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    Going to die penniless

    Hi i am new here. I feel lost in my direction & insecure in my purpose of life. A little bit of background-As you can see from my chart i am pretty old and yet I am suffering from low self esteem/low confidence even at this point in my life.I sort of avoid crowds(especially coz i start to...
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    neptune conjunct uranus in 2nd house & financial codependency

    Hi y'all ... i am a newbie the title suggest just wanted to discuss how someone with this placement can have a very passive aggressive attitude towards earning their own money AND may not understand boundaries when it comes to money... may not feel too much guilt when it comes to...
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    passive aggressiveness and career

    Hi y'all i am new to this forum! I am really passive in life in everything...have a tendency to suppress my temper/very inhibited/rarely stands up & takes up positions at work where i am always taking orders. As far as i understand, it is my 12th house stellium that's causing all this. I wanted...
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    Hi everyone! I am new here!

    Hello as the title says i'm newbie's everybody doing?:biggrin::biggrin: