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    CAN ANYONE DO 13 APRIL 2029 9 43pm chart to see if Apophis could strike earth?thanks!

    :geminiimg::geminiimg:HI, concerned that Apophis may hit in my humble opinion!!!!Can anyone do a chart on this Apophis near Earth 4 13 2029 9 43 pm? or 4 13 2036 943pm if it hits 7 yrs later per prof data. Some say maybe it could strike 2051, 2066, 2068 even....It would warn us, thanks...
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    Arabic Parts in Hellenistic Astrology

    Thanks again sir. I'm just starting out, my background is music, history, face reading, alt medicine, etc. I'm not a pro astrologer. All I know is that when I have set up my birth chart or for others in sidereal fashion, the sun sign and ascendant did not make sense to us, it is one sign...
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    cannot upload my chart here sorry

    Hi,I would like to see if someone can answer a question on my chart but I cannot upload it! 1. do I really have a real mutable grand cross?!! 2 what is my real profession? 3, how bad or good does my overall chart look? I'm very confused about things in life profession!!! etc. I'm somewhat read...
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    Arabic Parts in Hellenistic Astrology

    Hi Dr this is William. From the little I read, after Ptolemy didn't the Arabs and others make mistakes, and that is why you and I and others use whole signs? Nothing personal. Every time I do a chart for someone the new settings do not describe them as well as whole signs do. Also how do you...
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    Do I have grand cross or what? how to figure one's profession?

    1. HI, I'm new to astrology. I was wondering if someone can tell me if I have a t square or a mutable grand cross in mine? seems on one end of the cross does not reach the last mutable sign, Sag? so what is it please, some sort of square, rectangle?? I will look it up once some one tells me what...