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    What does my chart say?

    Hi all, Right now in my life I want to focus only on my career and build it. But parents me are expecting me to get married, settle down and think about career later. I am confused whether I should listen to my intuition and build my career or do what I am expected to do. My aquarius IC...
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    Feeling stuck in life

    Hi all, I feel stuck in my life is in the same place for the past few years ...from around 2017 may be. Before 2017, I used to be very focused on life, ambitious and used to try for various publications, conferences and apply for all the teaching jobs I came across. Even...
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    What to expect with a Libra 12th house?

    Hi all, When I look at my chart I always wonder about my Libra 12th house. Already I had a heartbreak once which made me more Aquarian. All the fantasies regarding love life and marriage are gone totally. But what does it mean when 12th house ruler (venus) which also happens to be my...
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    heavy 12th house in solar return chart

    Hi everyone, I was thinking about heavy 12th house planets in my solar return chart this year. Does 12th house planets mean introspection or isolation...transiting north node is in my fourth house. I am trying to get into government job....with transiting south node in my 10th...
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    12th and 7th house lord with north node

    Hi everyone, I was wondering as to how to understand the following synastry chart. I really like the guy, he also thinks our attachment since school is fantastic but he wants to label it as deep friendship. Sometimes I think am I over romanticising it because of my libra 12th house...
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    chiron conjunct mc

    Hi, I was wondering about chiron conjunct mc in natal chart.....
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    Need Some advice in career

    I have two tightly packed stelliums, which makes it difficult for me to understand my chart in terms of career. I have capricorn north node in 3rd house. Whereas ruler saturn is in my 4th house opposing my mid heaven. My midheaven is conjunct chiron. Just before the onset of the pandemic I...
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    Mars conjunct ic in synastry

    How to understand one person's mars conjunct partner's IC in synastry? As IC is considered very sensitive part of the chart, how does the mars person affect the IC person and vice-versa.
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    Pluto in first house

    Hi, Greetings. I would like to know about Pluto in first house and pluto squares. Pluto is not conjunct my ascendant but it is in my first house squaring planets in my fourth house like Sun, saturn, mercury and moon. How do squares work? I have attached my chart also here. Thank you
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    Chiron oppositions

    Hi, I would like to know about chiron oppositions in natal chart. My retrograde chiron is conjunct my MC (6 degree LEO) and is opposing my aquarius stellium in my fourth house. My aquarius stellium is moon, mercury, saturn and sun in the ascending order degree. My MC ruler Sun is in my...